Replace your Blue Badge or inform us of a change of circumstances

What to do if your Blue Badge is lost, stolen or damaged, as well as how to inform us of a change in circumstance e.g. name or address.

As the Blue Badge is a legal document, all reports of lost or stolen Blue Badges are taken very seriously by us.

Let us know if your badge is lost or stolen through the GOV.UK website, or by completing our online form

Or download and complete a paper copy of the replacement form (PDF, 170KB)

There is a £10 charge for a replacement badge.

We will request payment via email when your badge has been approved, so please provide your email address.

We will contact you for this payment once your application has been processed - so please do not send payment with your application.

If your current badge has less than 10 weeks left before expiry you should apply for a renewal rather than a replacement badge. 

If your badge is found after you have reported it lost or stolen, it can no longer be used and should be returned to the Blue Badge Team at the address below. 

A replacement badge will be considered once Suffolk County Council has validated details of your previous badge. We do not accept responsibility for any expenses you may incur as a result of you not having your badge for a period of time. The decision to issue or refuse a replacement Blue Badge rests solely with Suffolk County Council. 

Suffolk County Council works closely with other local authorities and parking services to reduce Blue Badge misuse. Your old badge details will be passed to the parking enforcement teams, who have access to a central database and may wish to make further enquiries (such information sharing is exempt under the Data Protection Act 1998).

Change of circumstances

Let us know if you have moved address or changed your name through the GOV.UK website or complete our online form.

Finding a Blue Badge

If you find a Blue Badge please return it to the following address:

Blue Badge Team
Suffolk County Council
PO Box 258
IP14 9BU