Request a non-domestic hazardous waste collection

Non-domestic organisation including an business, charity, school and farm can request a hazardous waste collection.

Non domestic organisations may request a standard 25 day collection timescale or a more urgent collection timescale if required (at an additional cost.

Only a non-domestic organisation can complete this form. E.g. an business, charity, school or farm. 

Before you book a collection request, it's advised that you have read and understood the advice published about non-domestic hazardous waste guidance on

Residents can find out how to dispose household hazardous waste and arrange a collection via their waste collection authority.

Before you start

  • Answer all questions shown with an asterisk(*)
  • It takes up to minutes to complete. You cannot save the form and return later
  • You can receive a copy of your form by email

Request a waste collection

Answer all mandatory questions shown with an asterisk(*). You may lose your information if you press submit before answering all mandatory questions.

Your details

Waste collection details

Examples of how to list your hazardous wasted are listed below.

Bleach - 10 bottles, at 1 litre – 25% full.

Solvent based paint - 8 containers at 5 litre - 50% full.

Asbestos 2 sheets 10cm width, 40cm length

Asbestos pipe, 1 pipe, 10cm length, 60mm diameter

Note unknowns require identification prior to collection

Terms and conditions

I confirm I have completed the list to best of my ability listed all waste to be collected. I have read and understand the process and what items can be part of the collection.

(We will only collect items that are listed on this form. Additional items will not be collected and all your waste may not be collected ) If you find additional items after completing the form please contact us to add these.

All small items requiring collection will be placed in secure containers to aid the contractor in moving the waste to the collection vehicle.

Your list will be assessed and you will be contacted if there are any queries. We will then provide an estimate of the cost based on your supplied list.

You may then choose to proceed with the collection. (Note the collection timescale will commence the day following receipt of the collection request by our contractors).

We may need to send detail onto third parties to assess the list.

Important: before you submit your form

Make sure you have answered all questions with a asterisk (*). You may lose your information if you press submit before answering all mandatory questions.

After you submit your form successfully, a new message will appear saying "Thank you. Your completed form has been sent to Waste Management"

After submitting a form, you will get a copy by email. (Check junk/spam folders).