Solar Together Suffolk

How to register for a group buying scheme to get solar panels for your home at a competitive price and gain the benefits of having solar panels.

solartogetherlogoCoronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Solar Together Suffolk installations have now resumed.

Customers who are yet to have their system installed have been emailed advising them that work can go ahead following safe working guidance and to contact the installer if they wish to book. Find out more about safe working in response to COVID-19 at

Solar Together Suffolk is supported by Suffolk County Council. It offers you savings on the installation of solar panels for your home. 

In 2018, with 635 households saving an average of 20% on the cost of a new solar panel array. The scheme is open again to Suffolk residents for a second time. Since March 2019, Suffolk’s Councils have been declaring climate emergencies.

This means that we will be working in partnership to help Suffolk become carbon neutral by 2030. With solar panels, it is estimated the average household will reduce its annual carbon emissions by nearly one tonne each year - the equivalent of driving 3,200 miles in an average petrol car!


Details and dates

1. Free registration

Register at 

You need to provide details of your roof, like its size and position.

The more people that register, the better the deal for each household.

Registration doesn't commit you to anything.

By 13 December 2019

2.Personal recommendation (offer)

You'll be contacted with a personalised offer, based on the specifications of your roof. 

It'll include your costs and return on the investment of a solar panel installation.

3. You decide

You decide to accept or not accept your offer. There is no obligation
 to continue.

You'll be invited to visit a local information session.

By 13 December 2019

4. Installation

(If you accept the offer), the winning supplier will contact you to schedule

a survey of your roof and set an installation date.

All installations will be completed by the end of March 2020.

Got a question?


  • Or visit
  • Solar Together Suffolk is being run in partnership with iChoosr (independent experts in group buying) and can be contacted on 0800 048 84 02 from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

The benefits

How it works