Work place travel plans

How we work with businesses to address transport issues by developing travel plans.

If you are an employer or employee, who finds travelling to, or accessing your place of work difficult at the best of times, we offer a free service that can help.

Your organisation can register for FREE to Modeshift STARSfor and use the template to add your travel plan.

If you do not wish to use STARSfor to input your Travel Plan, then please use our template (Word, 47KB). Once you have filled this out, please send this back to

Your organisation may require assistance to improve car parking demand, reduce transport overheads, or improve its environmental credentials. Developing a travel plan can improve journey times, reduce the cost of travelling, and make the site more accessible to staff, customers, visitors and suppliers.

The travel plan is a document setting out the business’s transport needs, and the actions required to address them. It provides a transport strategy for the business and sets out the support your organisation will require in addressing travel to work and business travel issues.

Our travel plan coordinators will work with you to produce a personalised plan, and look at the options for improving travel to and for work. Walking, cycling, bus, train, and car sharing are all options that are considered. We can even put you in touch with key contacts to resolve transport issues and enhance travel options to the site.

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If you need any further advice or guidance on writing a travel plan contact the Travel Plan Team at

Promoting sustainable travel to work

Check out Local Links' videos for ideas on promoting sustainable travel to work:

Printable travel posters

Please note that under current government guidelines, these posters are no longer deemed accessible. 

Posters encouraging sustainable travel to print and display in the workplace:

Bury Local Links Google Download Finding bus information with Google Maps poster (PDF, 565KB)
 Bury Local Links Suffolk Car Share  Download Suffolk Car Share poster (PDF, 521KB)
 Bury Local Links Suffolk on Board  Download Suffolk on Board poster (PDF, 707KB)
 Bury Local Links Walk  Download poster (PDF, 558KB)