Travel Plan Grant Scheme

The Travel Plan Grant is a match funding scheme that encourages Suffolk businesses to invest in active commute projects.

Suffolk County Council offers grants through the Travel Plan Grant Scheme to support local businesses to consider a more sustainable way of running their organisation and travelling across the county.

The scheme provides local organisations with up to 50% match funding towards the cost and installation of initiatives to support healthier and greener travel in the workplace. A change of as little as 1% to sustainable transport would have a long term positive effect on traffic congestion.

Previously only available to small and medium enterprises, the grant scheme has now been widened to include all businesses across Suffolk as a result of funding secured by the Local Transport Plan budget. 

How a Travel Plan Grant can be used

The grants can allow businesses to undertake a range of activities within the workplace. Previous ventures include:

  • installation of showers for cyclists and runners
  • creating secure storage for bikes
  • providing confidence training for employees waiting to start cycling
  • improving access to workplaces for cycling and pedestrians 
  • purchasing pool bikes to cut down on short car journeys during the day

How to apply for the Travel Plan Grant Scheme

The application process for the Travel Plan Grant Scheme has been kept as simple as possible to encourage businesses to take full advantage of this opportunity.

To apply, please fill out and return the Travel Plan Grant application form (PDF, 251KB).

Grants of up to £1,000 will be awarded, and businesses can apply for a grant for more than one project at a time within their organisation.