Examination in Public

The Suffolk Minerals and Waste Local Plan will now be subject to an examination.

Examination Latest News:

Please view the final version of the Suffolk Minerals & Waste Local Plan to be proposed for adoption at County Council Committee on Thursday 9 July 2020:

Appendix 3 - Maps

Inspectors Report

SMWLP Report (PDF, 235KB)

Appendix Schedule of Modifications (PDF, 186KB)

PINS Covering Letter (PDF, 86KB)

SCC Inspectors Report Notice (PDF, 110KB)

Modifications Consultation Information

Response to Modifications Reps (PDF, 1.1MB)

View representations received during the Modifications Consultation

Suffolk Minerals & Waste Local Plan Modifications Consultation

The Examination in Public hearing took place over four days in June 2019. 

The Modifications Consultation arose from the EiP and was required to make the SMWLP Legally sound. 

The consultation ran from 5pm 07 October 2019 until 5pm 18 November 2019. No representations received after that time will be considered.

The relevant documents for the consultation can be viewed below:

SMWLP Modifications (PDF, 3MB)

SMWLP Main Modifications Addendum SA (PDF, 1.3MB)

SMWLP HRA of Modifications (PDF, 1.2MB

SMWLP Tracked Changes Plan

Appendix 3

Previous News

Letter from Inspector to SCC 24-07-2019 (PDF, 74KB)

SCC formal request for modifications (PDF, 60KB)

Evidence base update

Latest news for Barnham Site

Email dated 12 June 2019 - Proposed Routing Arrangements (PDF, 141KB)

Email attachments

Please view the latest Hearings Programme (PDF, 192KB) dated 10 June 2019

Matter statements received by the deadline of 4 June 2019 can be viewed here alongside Statements of Common Ground and an updated Proposals map.

Matter 1

Matter 2

Matter 3

Matter 4

Statements of Common Ground

Proposals Map

Further to Annette Feeney's email dated 29 April 2019, please see below the draft hearings programme for the Suffolk Minerals and Waste Local Plan Hearings.

Hearings Programme (PDF, 1.914MB)

If you are not listed to speak and wish to do so, please contact Annette Feeney as soon as possible.

Information from the Inspectors on the Suffolk Minerals Plan Examination, include the Matters, Issues and Questions and Guidance notes documents, which can be viewed below:

Guidance Note (PDF, 427KB)

Matters, Issues and Questions (PDF, 341KB)

Key Dates:

  • 4 June 2019 – deadline for statements in response to the Inspectors’ Matters, Issues and Questions for Examination and Statements of Common Ground

  • 7 June 2019 – deadline if you are not currently listed to appear, or no longer wish to be appear or wish to attend an alternative session on the hearings programme (to be circulated shortly)

  • 19-21 June – Hearings Week 1 – Sir Bobby Robson Suite, Ipswich Town Football Club

  • 25-26 June – Hearings Week 2 – Sir Bobby Robson Suite, Ipswich Town Football Club

An independent Inspector has been appointed by the Planning Inspectorate - Nick Palmer BA (Hons) BPI MRTPI.

We have appointed an independent Programme Officer for this examination - Ms Annette Feeney, who can be contacted by:

All parties who submitted representations on the plan at the pre-submission publication stage (Regulation 19) will be contacted directly, with more information, in due course.

Part of the process will involve hearing sessions where those invited will have the opportunity to respond to matters raised by the Inspector.

Please note: Invitation to participate is coordinated through the Planning Inspector and the Programme Officer, both of whom are independent from Suffolk County Council.

Information such as the hearing schedules and agendas will also be published as and when available.

Further guidance in relation to the examination process is provided by the Planning Inspectorate

Please view the list of Main Public Consultation Documents (PDF, 158KB)

Please view the Submission Responses to Representations (PDF, 2.7MB)

Please view the Strategic Habitat Regulations Assessment Response to Representations (PDF, 868KB)


Abbott 90890511 (PDF, 238KB)

ABP East Anglian Ports 90819480 (PDF, 13KB)

Aldeburgh Town Council 89869054 (PDF, 109KB)

Allen Newport LTD 90384150 (PDF, 57KB)

Anglian Water 90776063 (PDF, 36KB)

Anglian Water 102330120 (PDF, 380KB)

AONB Team 90559825 (PDF, 205KB)

AONB Team 102330382 (PDF, 93KB)

Atkinson Wood 89421851 (PDF, 208KB)

Bailey's of Norfolk LTD 90293190 (PDF, 13KB)

Baker 90260562 (PDF, 14KB)

Ball 90445357 (PDF, 1.74MB)

Ball 90531756 (PDF, 3.49MB)

Barnham Parish Council 90387206 (PDF, 14KB)

Bastick 90470935 (PDF, 13KB)

Bastick 99763739 (PDF, 182KB)

Bauer 89436933 (PDF, 89KB)

Beales 90771970 (PDF, 13KB)

Beeson 90633158 (PDF, 229KB)

Beeson 90820858 (PDF, 54KB)

Bentley 89229806 (PDF, 3MB)

Blakeley 90633607 (PDF, 629KB)

Brett Group 90616219 (PDF, 89KB)

Broads Authority 90627302 (PDF, 2.79MB)

Brown 90294492 (PDF, 14KB)

Brownie 89940046 (PDF, 1.02MB)


Cambridgeshire County Council 90348828 (PDF, 89KB)

Campbell 90731146 (PDF, 2.76MB)

Carmichael 99493738 (PDF, 41KB)

CEMEX 90551387 Representation

Chater 90642036 (PDF, 59KB)

Clarke D 90890497 (PDF, 194KB)

Clarke D 90890514 (PDF, 239KB)

Clarke D 90890515 (PDF, 271KB)

Clarke I J 90558789 (PDF, 218KB)

Clarke S 88014215 (PDF, 13KB)

Coffey 90764239 (PDF, 376KB)

Colyer D 90678976 (PDF, 13KB)

Colyer T 89707766 (PDF, 36KB)

Compson C LATE 91349352 (PDF, 257KB)

Compson W LATE 91347894 (PDF, 247KB)

Copdock & Washbrook Sustainable Development Group 90890499 (PDF, 301KB)

Corner 89396927 (PDF, 45KB)

Cotgrove 98780786 (PDF, 40KB)

Couzens 90524472 (PDF, 176KB)

Cox 90306619 (PDF, 13KB)

Crosby 89407722 (PDF, 566KB)

Cruse 90707328 (PDF, 43KB)


Davies 88003862 (PDF, 45KB)

Defence Infrastructure Organisation 90383507 (PDF, 33KB)

Dell 90549629 (PDF, 2.41MB)

Ducann 90636349 (PDF, 3.65MB)

Ducann 102285551 (PDF, 48KB)

Dudley 90516042 (PDF, 2.84MB)

Dunnett 90395768 (PDF, 47KB)


Edgell 89258921 (PDF, 13KB)

Elman 90771284 (PDF, 100KB)

Elmes 89804426 (PDF, 34KB)

Elmswell Parish Council 88392453 (PDF, 14KB)

Environment Agency 90765110 (PDF, 19KB)

Environment Agency 90764364 (PDF, 41KB)

Environment Agency 90764709 (PDF, 14KB)

Environment Agency 90764943 (PDF, 14KB)

Environment Agency 90765245 (PDF, 42KB)

Environment Agency 90765405 (PDF, 14KB)

Environment Agency 90765569 (PDF, 14KB)

Environment Agency 90765744 (PDF, 14KB)

Environment Agency 90766047 (PDF, 42KB)

Environment Agency 90766180 (PDF, 14KB)

Environment Agency 90766342 (PDF, 46KB)

Environment Agency 90766527 (PDF, 47KB)

Environment Agency 90766674 (PDF, 39KB)

Environment Agency 90766836 (PDF, 37KB)

Environment Agency 90766995 (PDF, 40KB)

Environment Agency 90767138 (PDF, 43KB)

Environment Agency 102034990 (PDF, 13KB)

Essex County Council 89424292 (PDF, 224KB)


Farrant 90715841 (PDF, 19KB)

Farrant 90717201 (PDF, 19KB)

Fitch 89917709 (PDF, 13KB)

Fletcher 87982263 (PDF, 13KB)

Fletcher 89309859 (PDF, 13KB)

Ford 89925961 (PDF, 38KB)

Forestry Commission 89503647 (PDF, 77KB)

Forestry Commission 102366834 (PDF, 20KB)

Fox 90407410 (PDF, 13KB)

Fox 90523461 (PDF, 23KB)

Friend 88391595 (PDF, 14KB)

Frimstone LTD 90738423 (PDF, 44KB)

Frimstone LTD 90743172 (PDF, 39KB)

Frimstone LTD 90757527 (PDF, 336KB)

Fuller 90785286 (PDF, 12KB)

Fuller LATE 90785453 (PDF, 13KB)


Gerrard 102307704 (PDF, 13KB)

Goodman 90240574 (PDF, 45KB)

Gordon J 102204992 (PDF, 38KB)

Gordon P 102206062 (PDF, 39KB)

Gordon PJ 90769611 (PDF, 53KB)

Gower 90400601 (PDF, 13KB)

Gravener 90890517 (PDF, 161KB)

Gray P 90637782 (PDF, 3.15MB)

Gray R 90333597 (PDF, 13KB)

Groves 102254668 (PDF, 46KB)

GVA 99451555 (PDF, 13KB)

GVA 102287341 (PDF, 47KB)

GVA Grimlet Ltd 90747104 (PDF, 91KB)


Hadleigh Town Council LATE 91007924 (PDF, 60KB)

Hall 01228241 (PDF, 13KB)

Hall H 90515556 (PDF, 120KB)

Hall M 90515234 (PDF, 119KB)

Hamilton K 89848142 (PDF, 13KB)

Hamilton K 102261065 (PDF, 13KB)

Hamilton N 90097499 (PDF, 13KB)

Hamilton N 102262013 (PDF, 13KB)

Hellard 90412722 (PDF, 43KB)

Hiam 90768677 (PDF, 498KB)

Historic England 90767232 (PDF, 1.04MB)

Holland 90927621 (PDF, 732KB)

Hurst 101732704 (PDF, 13KB)

Hyde 90513012 (PDF, 2.86MB)


Ipswich Borough Council 90540628 (PDF, 192KB)

Ipswich Borough Council 90755369 (PDF, 71KB)

Irving BA 90608559 (PDF, 2.02MB)

Irving BA 102284662 (PDF, 158KB)

Irving W 102315541 (PDF, 45KB)


Jardine 89090560 (PDF, 13KB)

Jarratt 90013749 (PDF, 15KB)

Jessemey LATE 90927600 (PDF, 22KB)

Jessemey LATE 98987072 (PDF, 12KB)

Jordan 89020261 (PDF, 14KB)

John 90761254 (PDF, 3.17MB)


Kersey Parish 90284630 (PDF, 19KB)

Kinnell 90530969 (PDF, 2.5MB)


Lack 90523059 (PDF, 22KB)

Le Roux 90179550 (PDF, 13KB)

Loftus 90706454 (PDF, 13KB)

Loftus 90737901 (PDF, 92KB)

Loftus 102145739 (PDF, 48KB)

Long A 89996357 (PDF, 14KB)

Long H 90104187 (PDF, 106KB)

Lucas 90747824 (PDF, 1.07MB)

Lucas 90750323 (PDF, 50KB)

Lucas 102306582 (PDF, 48KB)


MacBeth 89905725 (PDF, 88KB)

Mannell 90120190 (PDF, 24KB)

Marchant 90632422 (PDF, 135KB)

Marine Management Organisation 90729849 (PDF, 189KB)

McAllan LATE 90927617 (PDF, 170KB)

Merseyside Environmental 90756894 (PDF, 143KB)

Miller 102034815 (PDF, 13KB)

Mineral Services LTD 90612426 (PDF, 762KB)

Mineral Services Ltd 101221063 (PDF, 13KB)

Minerals Products Association 90731458 (PDF, 107KB)

Minter 90369253 (PDF, 13KB)

Moore 89019083 (PDF, 3.29MB)

Moorhouse 88396840 (PDF, 13KB)

Murfitt A 90890495 (PDF, 2.4MB)

Murfitt E 89422583 (PDF, 236KB)


Natural England 02329252 (PDF, 396KB)

Natural England 90818618 (PDF, 343KB)

Neal 90586119 (PDF, 13KB)

Network Rail 90631136 (PDF, 102KB)

Nicholls M 87800180 (PDF, 13KB)

Nicholls TJ 90698935 (PDF, 13KB)

Nicholls TJ 90699157 (PDF, 19KB)

Nicholls TJ 90700286 (PDF, 14KB)

Norfolk County Council 90644708 (PDF, 130KB)

Norfolk County Council 90644983 (PDF, 130KB)

Norfolk County Council 90645421 (PDF, 149KB)

North London Waste Plan 90631801 (PDF, 249KB)


O'Hear 102285184 (PDF, 24KB)


Palmer L 99078446 (PDF, 13KB)

Palmer SLDB 90736776 (PDF, 23KB)

Paris 99080645 (PDF, 12KB)

PDE Consulting 90609211 (PDF, 3.07MB)

PDE Consulting 90610097 (PDF, 154KB)

PDE Consulting 90610463 (PDF, 14KB)

PDE Consulting 90737193 (PDF, 157KB)

Peterborough City Council 90120637 (PDF, 34KB)

Peterborough City Council 102034295 (PDF, 27KB)

Peters 90643390 (PDF, 3.29MB)

Philpot 102295086

Philpot 102296331 (PDF, 362KB)

Potter 89987416 (PDF, 13KB)

Potter 101663590 (PDF, 14KB)


Reydon Parish Council 90735177 (PDF, 188KB)

Rider 90529983 (PDF, 113KB)

Risby 90437807 (PDF, 13KB)

RSPB 90772535 (PDF, 389KB)

RSPB 102329844 (PDF, 343KB)

Russell LATE 90927619 (PDF, 88KB)


Sax 89843192 (PDF, 14KB)

Soons 88431787 (PDF, 14KB)

Southwold and Reyon Society 90736187 (PDF, 189KB)

Spence 90767741 (PDF, 85KB)

Spicer 90739639 (PDF, 126KB)

Stanford 89634238 (PDF, 41KB)

Stott 90703947 (PDF, 13KB)

Stour & Orwell Society 90762482 (PDF, 154KB)

Strachan 90742892 (PDF, 13KB)

Strachan 90748615 (PDF, 155KB)

Strutt & Parker 90820847

Suffolk County Council Highways 90740351 (PDF, 83KB)

Suffolk Preservation Society 90522229 (PDF, 465KB)

Suffolk Wildlife Trust 90446898 (PDF, 14KB)

Suffolk Wildlife Trust 90447394 (PDF, 14KB)

Suffolk Wildlife Trust 90447939 (PDF, 14KB)

Suffolk Wildlife Trust 90448352 (PDF, 38KB)

Suffolk Wildlife Trust 90458771 (PDF, 35KB)

Suffolk Wildlife Trust 90459841 (PDF, 46KB)

Suffolk Wildlife Trust 90461583 (PDF, 19KB)

Suffolk Wildlife Trust 90762278 (PDF, 38KB)

Suffolk Wildlife Trust 102327122 (PDF, 14KB)

Suffolk Wildlife Trust 102327696 (PDF, 14KB)

Suffolk Wildlife Trust 102327937 (PDF, 19KB)

Suffolk Wildlife Trust 102328867 (PDF, 18KB)


Tattingstone Parish Council 90635571 (PDF, 2.64MB)

Tendering District Council 102035316 (PDF, 57KB)

Trickey 89021645 (PDF, 241KB)

Tuddenham St Mary Parish Council 90739134 (PDF, 169KB)

Tuddenham St Mary Parish Council 102326253 (PDF, 152KB)

Turner 90119573 (PDF, 1.64MB)


Unwin 90765564 (PDF, 14KB)

Unwin 90726972 (PDF, 14KB)

Unwin 90729772 (PDF, 4.82MB)


Vinyard 90259090 (PDF, 13KB)

Von Bussmann 90239217 (PDF, 13KB)


Ward 90813961 (PDF, 22KB)

Watling 90820856 (PDF, 146KB)

Watson A 90755601 (PDF, 14KB)

Watson C 89611408 (PDF, 232KB)

Watson C 90156241 (PDF, 44KB)

Watson C 90689344 (PDF, 219KB)

Watson M 90395181 (PDF, 13KB)

Watson M 90512115 (PDF, 14KB)

Watson M 102134125 (PDF, 13KB)

Watson R 90763265 (PDF, 14KB)

Waveney District Council 90745446 (PDF, 474KB)

West 102258246 (PDF, 48KB)

West Suffolk District Council 90820325 (PDF, 79KB)

Wetherden Parish Council 90388153 (PDF, 64KB)

Williams C 90461550 (PDF, 13KB)

Williams D 90613837 (PDF, 13KB)

Williamson 87983106 (PDF, 14KB)

Wilson A 90820851 (PDF, 22KB)

Wilson C 90283621 (PDF, 48KB)

Winterbotham J 102131198 (PDF, 14KB)

Winterbotham J 102136944 (PDF, 14KB)

Winterbotham J 102137096 (PDF, 14KB)

Winterbotham JE 90734645

Winterbotham JE 90735503

Wooster 88027943 (PDF, 14KB)

Wren 90461683 (PDF, 77KB)