Staff networks

The staff networks are open to staff, councillors and partners that share similar characteristics, life experiences, values and beliefs.

Staff network logos

We are proud to have a number of active staff networks supporting and promoting groups of staff, councillors and partners that share similar characteristics, life experiences, values and beliefs.

Some networks are also open to supportive allies – people who are not in the social group represented, but who support the aims of the group.

The networks not only serve as a reference point for discussion, shared experiences, mutual support and knowledge, but actively promote the positive values and contribution colleagues within these groups can bring to Suffolk and the communities we serve.

Networks influence the organisation to be more inclusive, through work on policy, service development, training, communications, events, culture and have a seat at Suffolk County Council's Strategic Equalities and Inclusion Board. Find out more about their activities in this short animation.

All networks proactively engage and embrace the Suffolk County Council WE ASPIRE values and framework.

Councillor Paul West, Cabinet member responsible for Equalities and Inclusion states:

“In my role as Cabinet Member responsible for equalities and inclusion, I am privileged to be able to act as a champion for our staff networks.

“One of the great benefits of working at Suffolk County Council is the range of staff networks on offer to both staff and councillors. I’d encourage everyone to consider whether there is a network for them, as new members are always welcome.

“Far from being simply ‘talking shops’, these networks offer real, meaningful support to their members. They host numerous activities and events and act as fantastic conduits to create change within the organisation.”

“Many people who have huge abilities have a disABILITY”

We positively embrace a “can do attitude”, seek to promote the abilities and qualities of people that society classifies as “disabled”, challenge stereotypical attitudes and support those that wish to lead the life they want and those that wish to enable that change.

If you live with a physical, cognitive or sensory impairment, are a carer or simply wish to know more, then this group is for you!

You do not have to be disabled to embrace our vision, just interested, with a positive attitude and a real desire to make a difference.

Turning perceived disability into...ABILITY!



  • support new and existing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender + (LGBT+) colleagues
  • help the organisation perform better for LGBT+ staff and clients
  • promote LGBT+ events including LGBT+ History Month, International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO), Pride
  • link up with other LGBT+ groups and networks in Suffolk
  • meet socially and in the workplace

Read more about the LGBT+ Staff Network.

Our mission

To inspire, support and mentor women in the workplace.

Our objectives

  • Motivate, empower, mentor, inspire
  • Promote gender equality
  • Influence policies and decision making
  • Have a Women’s Network champion in each key SCC location and Directorate
  • Be a consultancy for people related policy changes and sit on the Equalities Board
  • Within the Women’s Network provide peer support

We connect through events and masterclasses, join us to celebrate our skills and talents, connect with colleagues and challenge gender stereotypes in the workplace. Enabling you to inspire or be inspired in the workplace.

We are always looking for great ideas and thought on what we can do to promote and add value to the network. This is your network, contact us on to start a conversation.

The aims of the network are to raise the awareness of good mental wellbeing and to reduce the stigma of poor mental health. You don't need to have experienced mental health issues to join the network - we're pleased to welcome mental health allies! So, whether you work within mental health, know someone with a mental health condition or just have a general interest, please get in touch to find out more.

We work towards our aim of raising awareness and reducing Stigma in the following ways:

  • Wellbeing events and workshops - often linked to national campaigns
  • Ensuring the council sticks to the commitment they signed up to with the 'Time to Change' pledge and the 'Mental Health at Work' policy
  • Working to ensure mental health conditions are considered in the policies and strategies of our organisation
  • Promoting training for all staff and especially managers on mental health awareness at work
  • Signposting to support for staff with mental health conditions

The Mental Health Staff Network is open for Suffolk County Council and partner organisation colleagues.


Read more about the Mental Health Network.

The Christian Fellowship is a workplace support network, open to all interested in discussing Christianity and related issues. You do not need to be a Christian to attend our events. The Fellowship is open to staff, retired staff, partners and councillors.

We’re there to:

  • pray with and for you, and for your work and family situations
  • discuss 'what would Jesus do?'
  • learn more about our amazing God
  • provide a reflective space to rest in His presence

If you aren’t a Christian but have questions, we’d love to meet you. We are here to help you on your own journey to, and with God.

Meetings happen weekly in Endeavour House, Landmark House and West Suffolk House.

A group also meets occasionally in Lowestoft.


Read more about the Christian Fellowship Network.

The Young Adults’ Network (YAN) is for anyone working in the public sector who considers themselves a young adult.

The YAN’s aims are to:

  • promote the activities and interests of young adults working in the public sector
  • be a key network for drawing on the views and experiences of young adults to inform council decisions
  • provide learning opportunities targeted at young adults about different areas of public sector working
  • hold an annual charity fundraiser
  • organise and host social events

Download the Young Adult's Network leaflet (PDF, 22KB).


We would like to develop links with Black and Asian colleagues from across the organisation to share experiences, develop activities, and be a voice about topics that are important to us.

Together, we can help Suffolk County Council better understand and respond to issues affecting us and support one another.


Vegan Staff Network logo green on whiteThe Vegan Network is here to promote the positive impact a vegan lifestyle can have on the planet, health, and the welfare of animals. This is a supportive network and open to all staff, councillors and partners.

At our core, most of us hold similar beliefs to those held by vegans whether​ it is protecting our planet, eating for better health, or a strong sense that animals deserve respect and should be treated well, so this network is really inclusive and already has members who do not identify as vegans. It is for anyone who would like to be a part of encouraging positive social change and improving the lives of all living beings.

Our objectives are to:

  • promote opportunities to learn about vegan beliefs and make it accessible to all staff
  • link with other networks both inside SCC and externally to increase our impact
  • proactively influence and shape agendas, policies and decision making
  • make relevant information and resources easily accessible
  • support corporate initiatives and priorities
  • promote the network across the county through use of Champions
  • be a consultancy for people related policy changes and sit on the Equalities Board
  • provide peer support amongst members
  • continually grow and evolve the network
  • support people to make positive lifestyle choices
  • make veganism more widely accepted and recognised in the professional arena
  • improve people’s understanding of veganism as a belief

Contact: or visit the Suffolk County Council Vegan Network website