Learning and development at Suffolk County Council

Find out about our learning and development offer for Suffolk County Council staff to support their career progression.

How we support staff with learning and development

At Suffolk County Council, we offer a variety of training and support for staff to enhance their professional development by learning new skills which can support their career progression.

We have a Corporate Learning and Development team who offer training and development opportunities to all staff across the organisation, as well as specialist learning and development teams which support staff working within the following services:

  • Adult and Community Services (ACS)
  • Children and Young People Services (CYP)
  • Suffolk Fire and Rescue Services (SFRS)

Our learning offer across the organisation includes:

  • programmes such as qualifications, coaching and mentoring and apprenticeship schemes
  • supporting self-directed and practice-based learning
  • developing, commissioning and delivering training
  • creating online learning resources to support staff in their work

Introduction to working at Suffolk County Council

When new staff join Suffolk County Council, they are provided with an online account to our learning system, myLearning. Staff can find training, activities and resources to support their learning and development needs. This includes a suite of online learning modules and a range of face to face training courses. 

Suffolk County Council is keen to support staff who are interested in learning something new by encouraging them to consider the qualification and development programmes that are available through our apprenticeship schemes.

Apprenticeships are for people of any age and can be completed by existing members of staff alongside their existing role as a way of gaining a qualification or developing new skills.

There are programmes at all levels including up to Degree and Masters level. If your application is approved by your manager, you’ll receive paid time away from your normal work to undertake the training and development that contributes to the achievement of your qualification and be able to have the qualification paid for through our apprenticeship fund.

Coaching and mentoring is available for any SCC employee, at any level. This is a free service that is provided through the Suffolk Coaching and Mentoring Partnership (SCMP). You can find more details about this provision on the SCMP website.

WFD support staff who work within Adult and Community Services (ACS) and Children's and Young People's Services (CYP) at Suffolk County Council, as well as those employed in the private, voluntary and independent community care sectors. Find out more about the Workforce Development learning offer.