Our ASPIRE values

About our organisational ASPIRE values: Achieve, Support, Pride, Inspire, Respect and Empower.

Suffolk County Council's mission is to make a positive difference for Suffolk. We are committed to working together, striving to improve and securing the best possible services.


Suffolk County Council has a set of values and behaviours that are shaped by staff and which set the expectation of how people will do their job in addition to the specific activities/accountabilities listed in the Job Person Profile. Evidence of these values and behaviours are an integral part of the performance management framework.

Our ASPIRE values are:

  • Achieve
  • Support
  • Pride
  • Inspire
  • Respect
  • Empower

Achieve: we are the best we can be

  • I know what is expected of myself and other people
  • I continually strive to improve by reflecting, learning and developing
  • I give and accept constructive advice and feedback

Support: we work as one team

  • I offer, give and accept help
  • I listen to and learn from other people
  • I share my learning, information, knowledge and resources

Pride: we take pride in and are proud of what we do

  • I look for opportunities to enhance the reputation of the council and its partners
  • I celebrate success and take pride in my achievements and those of other people
  • I look for opportunities to promote council services and those of its partners

Inspire: we model the ASPIRE values

  • I bring passion, energy and drive to my work
  • I create solutions and encourage innovation
  • I keep promises

Respect: we give and earn respect

  • I am open and honest
  • I see things from the perspective of other people and value their opinion
  • I treat people as equals and promote equality and value diversity

Empower: we empower, encourage and motivate people

  • I am accountable, make decisions and take responsible risks
  • I have the freedom to act and challenge
  • I embrace and adapt to change

Our values are at the heart of everything we do. They underpin our approach to performance, reward and wellbeing. They define the relationship between the council and our people.