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Christian Fellowship

A workplace support network, open to all staff interested in discussing Christianity and related issues.
Stained glass window showing the crucifixion of Jesus

You do not need to be a Christian to attend our events. The Fellowship is also open to retired staff, partners and councillors.

We've branches that meet weekly in

  • Endeavour House, Ipswich
  • West Suffolk House, Bury St Edmunds

We are keen to support staff across the county which can be done by emailing information about events and prayer requests. Staff can send in prayer requests which will be circulated if requested.

Groups could be set up in any of our offices if staff were willing/able to support it. We are grateful to those churches and organisations who are guest speakers at events and meetings.


Through out the year, we mark Christian festivals and other opportunities for sharing God’s love in practice. We endeavour to work closely with our Borough and District Council Christian colleagues where possible – for example the West Suffolk House group is jointly with St Edmundsbury Borough Council.

Stained glass Easter

Easter Celebration

Held in Ipswich. It’s an opportunity to make the cross visible in Endeavour House for 2 weeks of the year. Also a prayer box to encourage prayer requests, and remind staff we want to pray for them.

Stained glass communion


Held in Alderman Park, Ipswich. A joint open air celebration of sharing bread & wine together.

Stained glass harvest

Harvest Festival

Supporting local charity Families in Need (FIND) asking staff to bring in dry and tinned goods. FIND receive many referrals from social workers every year to help support local families. 
Visit the Localgiving website for more information. 

Stained glass nativity

Christmas Carol service

Arranged by Ipswich Borough Council (IBC) Christian Network and held in Grafton House. A time to raise our voices and celebrate together with Ipswich Borough Council staff.

Shoebox Appeal

Shoebox Appeal

Shoebox Appeal – an annual event of giving out shoe boxes and leaflets to spread the Christmas spirit overseas. Held in Ipswich, but boxes sent out across the county as requested. There are local drop off points.

Many like to contribute where they aren’t part of a church, or whose children have grown up and they no longer have another way of joining in. Visit Samaritan's page on Operation Christmas Child for more information.