Suffolk Fire and Rescue FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about fire safety following the tragic events that took place at Grenfell Tower, London.

When a fire occurs within your flat, you should make your away out of the building and call 999. 

All other residents are expected to 'stay put' and stay in their flat unless it's unsafe to do so or directed by the emergency service.

Evacuation procedures in purpose-built blocks of flats

Read about fire safety in purpose-built flats and take specific attention to read:

  • Page 20, paragraph 12
  • Page 27 to 28, paragraph 18 and 19

Further information about legislation on fire safety

Visit GOV.UK for fire safety law and guidance documents for business.

Download fire safety leaflets:

Product recall of home (domestic) appliances

Read about the recall of Hotpoint fridge freezers.

In the first instance contact the premises management company of your block of flats.

You can contact and ask for the Duty Fire Safety Officer: