Fire safety prosecutions and notices

Find information regarding current fire safety prosecutions as well as details of prohibition, enforcement and alteration notices.

The function of enforcement work is to protect the public, environment and groups such as consumers, tourists and workers.

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service enforces the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 in accordance with The Regulators' Code (July 2013) issued by the Better Regulation Delivery Office.

We take care to ensure that enforcement action is consistent, appropriate and proportional against those who break the law or act irresponsibly.

The decision to prosecute an individual or company is a serious step. Fair and effective prosecution is essential. Therefore, we apply the Code for Crown Prosecutors to ensure firm and consistent decisions are made.

Details of prosecutions

Details of prosecutions are publicised in accordance with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, and information will be removed once a conviction is spent.

There are currently no fire safety convictions in force.

For more information, contact the Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service Directorate Investigation Team on 01473 260588.

Prohibition, enforcement and alteration notices

In accordance with the Environment and Safety Information Act 1988, local authorities are required to maintain a register of information concerning the issue of legal notices.

The register for the Fire and Rescue Authority will list prohibition, enforcement and alterations notices.

We maintain this public register, which is open to inspection by the public free of charge.

The Public Register may be viewed by accessing the search register on the Chief Fire Officers Association website:

  1. In the Fire and Rescue Service Details box, use the dropdown menu to select 'Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service'
  2. Then click Search
  3. This will reveal all notices displaying the date of issue and the particulars of each notice

Alternatively, you can contact the Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service Protection Technical Department on 01473 260588.

Persons on whom notices are served have a right of appeal against an entry onto the Public Register which they think may reveal an industrial secret.

Please refer to the Environment and Safety Information Act 1988 or contact us on 01473 260588 for further details about appeals.

Notices will be held in the register for a minimum period of 3 years.