Enforcement notices

How Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service manages enforcement notices to ensure businesses and commercial premises are safe from fire.

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service is responsible for enforcing fire safety regulations.

Our Protection Officers carry out regular premises inspections to make sure a business meets the required safety standards. Protection Officers have legal powers which give them the right to enter a premise and require you to produce relevant documentation for fire safety.

Enforcement notices

If premises do not meet the requirements of the Fire Safety Order 2005, we can issue one of 3 notices. We maintain a public register of notices that records all prohibition, restriction or enforcement notices that have been issued by us:

  • Alterations notices (Article 29): This will be issued if any major alterations to the premises will cause a serious risk to the people who use it.
  • Enforcement notice (Article 30): This will issued if the premises and its fire safety measures do not comply with any provisions of the Fire Safety Order.
  • Prohibition notice (Article 31): This will be issued if there is a serious risk of fire and we need to prohibit or restrict the use of all, or parts of the premises.

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