Apply to close a road for an event

You need to apply for a Special Events Order to close a road for an event in Suffolk.

Suffolk County Council prefer that events do not impact the public highway (i.e., Event to be held off the highway, with no impact) and we ask you to consider this option thoroughly before applying to hold an event on the highway. The public highway includes, but is not limited to, the verge, footway/pavement, or road.

If your event is not going to be held on the highway and/or will not impact on the highway you do not need to tell us.

You will need to contact your local borough or district council if you want to provide entertainment, serve food or alcohol.

Once you have ascertained that there is no viable location off the highway and that your event will require a temporary traffic restriction, you will need to complete an event application form.

We ask for a minimum notice period of 3 months from receipt of a complete application.

Download an application form (DOC, 268KB)

Before you apply

Please visit Roadworks in Suffolk | Suffolk County Council to see if your event may clash with any other events or roadworks on the Suffolk Highway Network. If it does, you may need to re-consider the date of your event.

You will need to:

  • liaise with everyone who will be affected by your event in advance, this will ensure that they will have the opportunity to raise any concerns or objections (this should include residents, businesses, local councils and the emergency services)
  • have a plan for resolving any problems that arise from your discussions with third parties
  • create a map showing where your closure is and the proposed diversion route; and
  • confirm your traffic management provider.

Resources to support your application:

Sending your application

Please email your completed application to

If your application is successful, a payment request email will be sent out to advise on the total fee payable and how payment can be made.

Please do not make any payment until the payment request email is received as you will need the reference number.

Paying the fee

If your application is successful, a payment request email will be sent out to advise on the total fee payable and how payment can be made. Please do not make any payments until you receive the payment request from us.

Payment can be made online, by BACS, Bank Transfer or by credit card.

Please be advised that we no longer accept cheques as payment for Event applications.

Event Fee

The below table outlines the fees associated with processing event applications on the highway and this is dependent on the impact score achieved on the “Event Impact Matrix”.

Impact Score

Staff Cost

If TTRO is required, an additional charge of













You do not need to pay for:

  • Remembrance Day events
  • Civic Events organised by a government organisation
  • Events organised by a registered charity (charity number required).

Note: Parades (E.g., St George's Day parades) are no longer fee exempt. The applicant will be responsible for paying the relevant application fee and any associated costs/charges for holding these events on the highway (e.g. traffic management/ traffic control).

Event impact matrix

Event estimated attendance

Highway restrictions(s)

Duration of highway restriction*

Event Size


Restriction Number




Small (0-99)




0-5 hours


Medium (100-499)




5-12 hours


Large (500-4999)




12-14 hours


Major (5000+)




48+ hours 


Example: (Event Size Score) + (Restriction No. Score) + (Duration Score) = Impact Score

*Duration of road restriction is calculated by taking the time the first road closes to the time the final road reopens i.e. If road A shuts at 9am and opens at 12pm but road B shuts at 10am and reopens at 1pm the duration would be 9am until 1pm thus 4 hours of closure.

Note: Restrictions can include (but are not limited to): temporary road closures, implementation of a temporary or suspension of an existing one-way restriction, banned turn or prohibition of entry, implementation of a temporary speed limit or to implement or suspend a temporary weight, width or waiting restriction.

Pay online

You can make your payment online here once you have received your payment request with the reference number.

Please note: although the online payment system says "incl. VAT" there is no VAT included in this service as it is a zero-rated supply.

After you apply

 Once your application is approved, we will complete your legal order and send it to you using the email you have provided.

If the road closure is to remain in force for more than 3 days or the road has already been closed within the last 12 months for an event, we are required to gain approval from the Secretary of State. This can take up to 4 weeks upon receipt of the application from us.

Please be aware that it is a criminal offence to obstruct the public highway without lawful authority or excuse.

Managing traffic at your event

To enforce an order you receive from us, you will need to use an acc to direct traffic around your event. In some cases, accredited marshals can be used to direct traffic. For chargeable events; Suffolk Highways are able to provide the traffic management for a fee. To request a quote from Suffolk Highways please email

My event is not on the highway

You do not need to tell us if your event is not on the public highway or will have no impact on the highway.

You need to tell the local borough or district council if you want to provide entertainment, serve food or alcohol.

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