Staff Wellbeing

Information, advice and guidance to support the emotional health and wellbeing of staff in schools and colleges.


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This page includes resources that can help support staff wellbeing in education.

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Useful resources 

Developing resilience in young people - The below Youtube podcast has been developed by the Psychology in Schools Team, and explores what resilience is and how school staff can support young people to build their resilience. It features a guest speaker from Thurston Community College, who offers their own perspective on how the current context has impacted young people and staff, and what they have found helpful in a school context to build resilience.  

Managing stress as a school staff member during covid-19 lockdown 3 - This is a Podcast for staff and parents to help manage Covid related stress.

Mental Health and You Podcasts - Find and listen to all of our current podcasts on many aspects of mental health through this channel.

Useful resources

Working towards Mentally Healthy Schools and FE Colleges

Recovery, Re-introduction and Renewal: Safe and Successful Returns to School - This handbook has been created by Whole School SEND, Nasen, the DfE and colleagues from the Association of Educational Psychologists (AEP) and has a checklist and reflective tool that uses the Five Key Principles of Recovery, (a national framework based on psychological models of resilience, growth and recovery and positive psychology) which can be applied at a whole school, group and individual level to promote healthy recovery during the ‘return to school’ phase.

Psychology and Therapeutic Service Supporting Return to Education Guide (Secondary)

Psychology and Therapeutic Service Supporting Return to Education Settings Guide (Nursery & Primary)

Wellbeing for Teachers Newsletter - This newsletter by the Wellbeing Service has advice to help staff look after their wellbeing.

5 Steps to Mental Health and wellbeing - Tips for staff from the Anna Freud website.

Training and Webinars

Supporting Your Staff Group or Team YouTube Webinar - A 52 minute webinar that addresses challenges that school leaders face, helping them to:

  • Understand the needs of vulnerable staff,
  • Develop knowledge about core beliefs/behaviours that build resilient organisations,
  • Support leaders to consider how they can support the wellbeing of their team, and individuals,
  • The importance of looking after your own wellbeing. 

Supporting Wellbeing Across the School Webinar Part 1 

Supporting Wellbeing Across the School Webinar Part 2

These two 31 minute webinars focus on:

  • Looking after your own wellbeing, the wellbeing of others
  • Supporting the wellbeing of young people.

Staff Wellbeing and Resilience - A 33 minute webinar that looks at how Covid has impacted our wellbeing, identifying wellbeing issues and improving day to day wellbeing.

5 Steps in Supporting Staff Webinar - Useful Youtube webinar for staff wellbeing from MindEd. 


School staff who are concerned about the mental health of a child or young person should contact their Primary Mental Health Worker for advice and support.

Professionals and families can contact the Emotional Wellbeing Hub if they are worried about the mental health of a child or young person.