Request a school mailbox account

How a school or an academy can request a O365 mailbox account from Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council provides a managed O365 mailbox solution which provisions schools who buy into the service with a email address. 

The service is managed on a dedicated Suffolk Schools Tenant and complies with the same IT cyber security posture used by Suffolk County Council.

You'll receive:

  • Individual named user accounts
  • Fully managed mail service
  • Shared mailboxes for users have a user account created using this service
  • Utilises all the on-line security built into the Office 365 mail service using Microsoft faculty licensing
  • Automatic secure mail service with Suffolk County Council via TLS implementation

Before you start

  • You can request a new mailbox account or an additional mailbox account
  • Answer all questions shown with an asterisk (*)
  • You'll receive a copy of your form by email

Please note: We use the free faculty Office 365 A1 license for the provision of schools mailboxes. This licenses enables the user to access a range of Microsoft Office products on-line, including: Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The license does not enable the user to install these applications on their laptop or PC and we don’t currently provide Microsoft licensing that would allow a user to do this.


Answer all mandatory questions shown with an asterisk(*). You may lose your information if you press submit before answering all mandatory questions.

User's details including payroll number

Important: before you submit your form

Make sure you have answered all questions with a asterisk (*). You may lose your information if you press submit before answering all mandatory questions.

After you submit your form successfully, a new message will appear saying "Thank you. Your completed form has been sent to IT Service Desk"

After submitting a form, you will get a copy by email. (Check junk/spam folders).