Pre-register an appointment to register a birth

Pre-register an appointment to register a birth in Suffolk.

Only complete this form if you need to book an appointment at Stowmarket or Woodbridge.

Read here about booking an appointment Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich or Lowestoft.

Before you start

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  • You can receive a copy of your form by email
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Pre-register an appointment for birth registration

Answer ALL mandatory questions shown with an asterisk(*). You may lose your information if you press submit before answering all mandatory questions.

Who'll be registering the birth?

Are the parents married to each other or in a civil partnership?

If the parents are not married or in a civil partnership with each other both parents must attend in order for the father / 2nd female parent’s details to be recorded in the register (This gives the father / 2nd female parent parental responsibility).

The following details are required for the birth registration

Please note that the Registrar is legally required to ask you these questions again during the registration. Pre-Entering the information here in advance reduces the duration of the appointment.

Statistical information (part 1)

There is a legal requirement to supply this information but it does not appear in the register entry.

Statistical information (part 2)

You are not obliged to provide the following information but it does serve a useful purpose in the compilation of medical and social statistics If you would prefer not to provide the information please state N/A.

Answer ALL questions with a asterisk (*) before you submit your form

You may lose your information if you press submit before answering all mandatory questions.

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Reminder before you press submit: you only complete this form if you want to book a face to face appointment at Stowmarket or Woodbridge office.