Suffolk County Council launches two public consultations on potential housing developments


The public are invited to give their views about two proposed housing development sites on land majority owned by the county council.

The development sites are to the north Lowestoft adjacent to the A47, and to the west of Mildenhall either side of West Row Road.

The sites are both allocated for up to 1,300 homes each in the adopted East Suffolk Council Waveney Local Plan (2019) and the West Suffolk Council Site Allocations Local Plan (2019) respectively.

The public consultations are being held to gain the views of local residents on the initial proposals for each site including areas for development, access and movement for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, green spaces and key design principles. Both consultations, which are being held virtually due to the coronavirus restrictions, will run for 6 weeks.

Speaking about both consultations, Councillor Nick Gowrley, Cabinet member for Housing said:

"Since SCC launched our new approach to housing in 2019, we have emphasised again and again the importance of working with local communities and stakeholders on developing plans which work for them and add real social value to their communities. Therefore, I believe it is absolutely vital that as many local people as possible use this consultation as an opportunity to have their say about these proposals."

There will be further opportunities for the public to have their say later in 2021 when the final masterplans are published, and beyond this, when planning applications are submitted.

Read more about development of land north of Lowestoft or west of Mildenhall, and have your say from 11am on 4 January 2021.