Suffolk schools and businesses scoop national sustainable travel awards


A Modeshift STARS accreditation is awarded to a business, education or community setting that actively brings about a positive change in travel behaviour.

Carlton Colville STARS

Pupils from Bosmere Community Primary School, Carlton Colville Primary School, The Limes Primary School and Copleston High School, along with local businesses Essex & Suffolk Water, Fred Olsen Travel and Bovis Homes’ Ribbans Park in Ipswich have all been recognised for their efforts in encouraging active and sustainable travel by receiving Modeshift STARS accreditations.

The accreditation compliments the county council’s Let’s make a change for the future campaign which is encouraging residents to consider more active and sustainable travel options during the COVID-19 pandemic to avoid over crowding the county’s transport network and longer term to experience the benefits of improved health and wellbeing, less congestion and cleaner air. 

All have achieved their first level (bronze) Modeshift STARS accreditation.


  • Bosmere Community Primary School in Needham Market – for their anti-idling scheme to encourage parents to turn off the car engines when dropping off and collecting their children.
  • Carlton Colville Primary School – for the work of their Junior Road Safety Officers to reduce congestion outside the school gates by promoting cycle training and providing a new cycle and scooter parking area in the school’s carpark.
  • The Limes Primary School in Oulton Broad – for promoting walking, scooting, cycling and park & stride to school days. They also raised money to install a new cycle parking station at the school.
  • Copleston High School in Ipswich – for the work they carried out to ensure active travel was considered as part of their recent building extension. This included cycle parking, equipment storage and a drying room.


  • Essex & Suffolk Water’s headquarters in Lowestoft - for their efforts in encouraging staff to travel to work by sustainable transport via their staff incentive schemes and active travel to work days.
  • Bovis Homes’ Ribbans Park in Ipswich – for providing space for walking and cycling around their new development which links with the town’s existing infrastructure. As well as encouraging all their new home owners to consider the use of active travel for short journeys.
  • Fred Olsen’s office in Ipswich – for increasing the amount of bicycle parking, creating four charge points for electric vehicles and installing five new showers so that those walking, running or cycling to work can freshen up when they arrive.

 Councillor Andrew Reid, Suffolk County Council and Member for Highways, Transport and Rural Affairs, said:

“I am delighted that these schools and businesses have achieved this accreditation.

“As more residents become aware of how important active and sustainable travel is during the COVID-19 crisis and the longer term benefits, Modeshift STARS are an ideal way for local communities to join forces and make active and sustainable travel an attractive alternative.

Congratulations to all the award winners.”

Mr B Axon Headteacher from Carlton Colville Primary School, said:

“We are delighted and proud to receive the Modeshift Stars Bronze Award in recognition of our commitment to sustainable and active travel.

“As a school community we have worked hard to identify travel issues, set targets and implement successful solutions though a number of initiatives. For example when our new car park was built in order to try to ease the traffic congestion around the school we ensured that we had new cycle and scooter storage installed as part of this project.

“Also our Junior Road Safety Officers helped to organise events and competitions promoting Road Safety, including speaking to the whole school in assemblies. We have liaised and worked with various other people and organisations, such as the Local Authority, County Councillor and our PCSO in order to have a positive impact on some of the issues we faced and we thank everyone involved for their support.”

Essex and Suffolk Water, said:

“We have been focused on environmental travel initiatives since we moved to Trinity House in 2014. We have a proactive green travel group who have worked with our teams to understand what information or support is needed to increase the number of employees regularly involved with reducing their impact on the environment.

“There have been several initiatives which have focused on engagement and promotion of cycling, car sharing, using public transport and walking.

“The promotion of cycling has been especially successful. By providing a cycle purchase scheme, discounted repairs and parts provided at the office, we decided to install extra cycle stands to accommodate the extra bikes being used daily.

“We are thrilled to be the first workplace in Suffolk to be recognised with this accreditation.”

Nick Butler, National STARS Accreditation Manager, said:

“We are delighted to recognise these Suffolk businesses and schools with Modeshift STARS Bronze accreditation. They have shown that they are actively providing more opportunities for greener and sustainable travel. This approach will support them in creating safer environments, improving air quality and enhancing opportunities for their workforce in achieving healthier lifestyles.”

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