Suffolk Fire and Rescue decide not to move to new Mildenhall Hub site after feedback from local engagement events


Suffolk Fire and Rescue has decided not to go ahead with plans for a new fire station as part of the proposed Mildenhall Hub development.

The decision comes following a series of successful local public engagement events.

This decision will allow the service to keep its options open into the future, with the opportunity to review in years to come to match the changing requirements of the town as further housing and infrastructure are delivered. The planning application, which is currently out to consultation, will be adapted to reflect this change.

Leader of Suffolk County Council, Councillor Colin Noble said:

“Suffolk County Council is committed to the Mildenhall Hub which, if approved, will deliver a school and library services as well as a host of facilities and joined up services for the benefit of our communities.

“In testament to the value I place in engaging our communities when major development is planned, we wanted to get the views of local people on the fire station at the Mildenhall Hub.

“In recent months we have done this through a number of events and more recently a public meeting arranged to specifically discuss options for moving the fire station.

“We fully support the development of the Hub and the principle of sharing estates with partner organisations, however, we have reflected on all the points and concerns raised during these meetings and decided that the fire station will remain at the current site on North Terrace in the town.

“We remain committed to the principle of collaboration and shared facilities and we will continue to work with our partners to keep in mind other potential opportunities in the future to  meet the needs of our communities as the town grows.”

The move of the fire station onto the Hub site was considered against the short, medium and longer term impacts – in particular the longer term benefits associated with both the move to a shared site and potential future housing and associated development to the west of the Hub.

Leader of Forest Heath District Council, Councillor James Waters said:

“In terms of Mildenhall Hub, this changes very little. I fully respect the concerns that have been raised by members of the local community about the proposed relocation of the fire station, and the decision by Suffolk County Council, having explored these concerns, to pull the fire station from the Hub scheme.

“The fire service represented just two per cent of the floor space and subject to the planning consultation which is ongoing at the moment and the decision of the Development Control Committee, we fully expect the Mildenhall Hub to deliver a new school for Mildenhall College Academy, a new leisure facility, larger swimming pool, a health centre, offices for police, Job Centre, library, Citizen’s Advice Bureau and council buildings all on one site close to the existing town centre.

“This project represents more than £38million of investment by Forest Heath and its partners to deliver much needed improvements to facilities, making them more accessible for the whole of the local area, shaping them to meet local needs and allowing for greater partnerships and efficiencies, all for the benefit of our communities in and around Mildenhall.”

You can comment on the planning application by visiting and searching for Mildenhall Hub.