Suffolk County Council to develop proposals for up to £10m of junction improvements in Sudbury


A multi million pound programme to upgrade busy road junctions in Sudbury is being considered by Suffolk County Council.

A multi million pound programme to upgrade busy road junctions in Sudbury is being considered by Suffolk County Council, as part of its works to ease traffic congestion in the town.

In spring 2018, Suffolk County Council commissioned independent experts from WSP to look at options to relieve traffic congestion in and around Sudbury. Schemes considered included western or southern bypass, changes to parking and public transport and junction improvements.

That detailed and technical work is now nearing completion, and the county council has been advised by WSP that the junction works will be the most cost effective way of relieving traffic congestion.

Whilst the option of a building bypass would provide a lot of benefits to the town, the cost at between £50m to £70m is prohibitively high resulting in a low benefit cost ratio. This option will therefore not be taken forward at this time, with junction improvements being looked at in more detail.

WSP were asked to look at existing traffic conditions in the town and the problems that needed solving. The options were then assessed against the scheme objectives, as well as other factors, such as scale of impact, deliverability and effect on the environment.

Junction improvements on up to five key junctions in the town will provide a more cost-effective solution for the town by improving traffic flows.

The junctions proposed for development are:

  • A134 / A131 / B1064
  • A134 / B1115
  • A134 / Newton Road / Shawlands Avenue
  • A131 / Newton Road / Cornard Road / Great Eastern Road (Bell Vue Junction)
  • A131 Ballingdon Hill / Bulmer Road.

Mary Evans, Suffolk County Council cabinet member for highways, transport and rural issues, said:

“We have looked at a number of ways to relieve congestion around Sudbury town centre and have considered all options including the construction of a bypass. Taking all this into account, the most feasible option for us now is to improve existing infrastructure rather than building a new road.

"That is what we are now focusing our attention and resources on. “The priority for Suffolk County Council is to find the best solution for Sudbury.”

The council will now work with WSP to design junction improvements in more detail and model what the junction improvements could achieve, as well as assessing whether other complementary measures, such as improvements for walking and cycling, would provide additional benefits. The council will also look to secure a source of funding for this work.

Suffolk County Council will continue to work closely with the community stakeholder forum which includes, elected representatives of local organisations such as Suffolk County Council, Babergh District Council, Essex County Council, Sudbury town council and nearby parish councils.