Suffolk Coronavirus cases accelerate at an alarming rate


Covid-19 cases in Suffolk continue to grow and accelerate at an alarming rate.

The Local Outbreak Engagement Board, which is made up Suffolk’s elected leaders, was briefed this morning by Stuart Keeble, Suffolk’s Director of Public Health, on the evolving situation regarding Coronavirus cases in Suffolk.

Matthew Hicks, chair of the LOEB and leader of Suffolk County Council, said:

“The situation in Suffolk is incredibly serious.

“The acceleration in the growth of cases is a very worrying trend. In Suffolk we fully anticipate being moved into Tier 3, and maybe even Tier 4 to align with other East of England counties. We await the Government’s decision on the next tier review.

“I cannot emphasise enough the importance of making sure you follow the guidance. This is the opportunity for everyone to stop and reset the way they live. We must work together to reverse this growth trend.

“Ultimately, we can decrease the spread of the virus by limiting our contact with other people outside our household, keeping our distance from each other, wearing a mask and washing our hands regularly.”

Details of cases in Suffolk:

  • The rate in Suffolk is now 169 per 100,000. One week ago this rate was 67 per 100,000. The rate in the East of England is 375 per 100k and England is 284.
  • In the last week we have seen 1,128 new cases (up 568 from last week)
  • In the last week Mid Suffolk has increased by 157% (161 per 100k), West Suffolk 150% (154 per 100k), Babergh 137% (201 per 100k), East Suffolk 82% (140 per 100k) and Ipswich 14% (228 per 100k)
  • The biggest increase is among 19 to 39-year-olds