More than 98% of pupils receive a preferred primary school on National Offer Day


The council received 7,505 applications from parents indicating which primary school they would prefer their child to be educated at in Reception for this year.

Over 98.6% of children were offered a place at one of their parents’ preferred schools. Some 7,037 children received offers for their first preference school and 7,403 children received an offer for one of their three preferred schools.

Almost 96% of parents applied online and they will be able to log on to the online service from today to see their child’s school place offer. They will also receive an email to confirm this offer. Letters will be sent to those who made a paper application by second class post today.

Gordon Jones, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Education and Skills at Suffolk County Council said:

“We have a good track record of offering places at preferred schools and this year is no exception. I am delighted that we have been able to give most parents a place for their child at one of the schools they want.”

Any parents or carers with a child born between 1 September 2014 and 31 August 2015 who have not yet applied for a school place should make an application immediately by downloading the CAF1 application form from our website or contact Suffolk County Council on 0345 600 0981.

For further information on how to view your offer online and guidance on what to do if you have not received your preferred offer, please read the School admissions FAQ page on  

Suffolk’s new school travel policy

September also sees the implementation of Suffolk’s new school travel policy for 5 to 16 year old children. The new policy now assesses a child’s eligibility for Suffolk County Council’s (SCC) funded school travel to their nearest suitable school.

Children who will be starting at a new school in September 2019 will be eligible for SCC funded school travel when they live over 2 miles (under 8 years old) or 3 miles (over 8) walking distance from their nearest suitable school that would have had a place available for them.

The new policy is being phased in to protect travel arrangements for children who are already receiving SCC funded school travel under the current policy. This means a child can continue to receive SCC funded school travel to their current school as long as they continue to live at their current address.

Parents of children who are eligible for SCC funded travel must also now opt-in (apply) by 31 May each year so school travel can be provided in the following school year. Eligible families are now being asked to do this because research by the county council has shown that some families, although eligible to SCC funded school travel, do not use their seat. Consequently, they are funding seats which are unused. To opt-in (apply) for SCC funded school travel visit

If a child is not eligible for SCC funded school travel, it’s their family’s responsibility to make sure they can get to and from school, accompanying them as necessary and paying for any travel costs. 

For further information on Suffolk’s new school travel policy visit