Joint Council reaction to EDF Energy’s submission of application for Sizewell C


Published 27 May 2020

The Council Leaders of East Suffolk Council and Suffolk County Council have offered a joint response following submission of EDF Energy’s application for a Development Consent Order to build a new nuclear power station at Sizewell.

Whilst both councils have been supportive of EDF Energy making the DCO submission, they continue to call on the energy provider to ensure they talk to the two local authorities before triggering the formal Section 56 process and timescale which includes a period of formal public engagement. With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, there is a high level of concern that the current period of social distancing and restricted movement will not give the community its fullest opportunity possible to engage with the planning process.

Over the next 28 days, the Planning Inspectorate has to assess EDF Energy’s submission and determine if they are willing to accept it for Examination. During this period, East Suffolk Council and Suffolk County Council will be asked, as ‘host’ local authorities for their opinion on the adequacy of consultation that EDF Energy has carried out in advance of the submission.

If the application is accepted by the Planning Inspectorate after the 28 day period, both councils expect to work closely with the Planning Inspectorate and EDF Energy to set an appropriate start time for the Section 56 period, which is a formal time-specific planning process.

Cllr Steve Gallant and Cllr Matthew Hicks said:

“We have written to EDF Energy asking them to delay the Section 56 process given the current Government guidance on social distancing, social isolation and public gatherings. We believe all parties must be satisfied that appropriate public engagement can take place.

“We would like EDF Energy to continue its discussions with both Councils so we can work together to find a suitable solution that works for all our communities.”