Deadline approaching for secondary school places in Suffolk


Parents and carers have until 31 October 2021 to submit an application to secure their child’s place at a secondary school for September 2022.

Last year, Suffolk County Council received 7,652 applications from parents and carers indicating which secondary school they would prefer their child to be educated at from September 2021 in Year 7.

93% of applicants received offers for their first preference school and 98% of applicants received an offer for one of their three preferred schools.

Before making a school application, parents and carers need to consider how they will get their child to and from school. School Travel eligibility is based on a child attending the nearest suitable school that would have had a place available. This might not be the catchment area school. Find out more about Suffolk County Council's school travel policy here.

Councillor Rachel Hood, Suffolk County Council’s Cabinet Member for Education, SEND and Skills, said:

“It is a big step for a child to move from a primary to a secondary school, so it is important for a parent to make the right school preference on behalf of their child.

“I would strongly recommend that all parents and carers complete and submit their application by the closing date of 31 October 2021 to give them the best chance of securing a place at one of their preferred schools. We advise parents and carers to apply for more than one school and up to three schools can be listed on the application.”

A completed application must be submitted for every child requiring a Year 7 place at a high school, a Year 5 place at a middle school or a Year 9 place at an upper school from September 2022. If you are planning to move house or you think your circumstances may change before September, it is still important to make an application on time.

Where possible, parents and carers should apply online where they will receive a confirmation email of their application. Completing a paper application (CAF1) is possible, however these cannot be acknowledged, so it is suggested parents and carers obtain proof of postage.

Families who apply online will be able to log on to the Online Service on the National Offer Day (Tuesday 1 March 2022) to see their offer of a school place. An email confirmation will also be sent on the day. For those who completed paper applications, offer letters will be sent out by second class post on the National Offer Day.

Applications can be made at, where further advice and guidance is also available.