Bury St Edmunds to receive £2.8 million for sustainable transport schemes


A significant transport investment scheme to improve facilities for walking and cycling in Bury St Edmunds is being announced today.

A total of £2.8 million is being spent on sustainable transport schemes, which will also accommodate increased car demand associated with growth in the town.

The project, jointly funded by New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership and Suffolk County Council, will be delivering the first four schemes in the town over the next 12 months.

The schemes include:

Parkway/Cullum Road

  • Replacement of two mini roundabouts with single roundabout
  • Signal upgrades
  • Widen pedestrian footways

Tollgate Lane roundabout 

  • Improve flow of gyratory
  • Signal upgrades

Signalisation of Tayfen Road roundabout and improvements to Northgate roundabout

  • Improve facilities for pedestrians and cyclists to cross Tayfen Road
  • New cycle infrastructure, such as cycleway provided on Out Northgate Street and Toucan crossing installed on Northgate roundabout/Tayfen Road
  • Widening of some vehicular approach lanes

Spread Eagle Roundabout

  • Signal upgrade to make the junctions more efficient
  • Some reconfiguration of crossings to allow better pedestrian and cycle movement

Works on the schemes will be phased to start at different periods to avoid major disruption to the town. The first development is sue to start in the summer, with the final project due to be completed by April 2018. All four projects are part of a package specifically planned for Bury St Edmunds, with other transport plans being developed for delivery in the future.

Councillor James Finch, Suffolk County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, said:

“We’re keen to invest in our historic towns and as traffic volumes and populations grow, the County Council recognises the impact of investing in infrastructure so pedestrians and cyclists, users of public transport and of course motorists, can move around more safely.

“It’s about increasing capacity at a number of known bottlenecks. This is a significant investment that recognises in particular future increases in road users making their way to Bury St Edmunds’ thriving town centre.”

Chris Starkie, Managing Director of New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, said:

“These measures will play a vital role in reducing congestion which costs local businesses time, money and customers. Bury St Edmunds plays an important and growing part in the economy of the East across a number of sectors, and these improvements can only help continue that trend.”

Councillor John Griffiths, Leader of St Edmundsbury Borough Council said:

“This should be great news for everyone who lives, works, shops in or visits Bury St Edmunds on a regular basis. Today’s announcement comes at a time when we, Suffolk County Council, and other partners including the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and The Bury Society, are looking in detail through public engagement at how the town best caters for future growth, not just in Bury St Edmunds itself but also the surrounding area.

“Improving the road network is vital to ensure that our residents can get to and from work, parents can get their children to and from school , and that people from far and wide will continue to come to Bury St Edmunds to enjoy its mix of rich heritage, diverse range of High Street names and independent shops, cultural attractions (like The Apex and Theatre Royal) and its wonderful array of cafes and restaurants.”