Internal Audit

About the work and role of Internal Audit.

About Internal Audit

Internal Audit is primarily a statutory service which, through risk based audit and assurance work, gives independent and objective opinions on the council’s control environment.

Controls appraised encompass:

  • corporate governance arrangement
  • financial governance and systems
  • risk management
  • corporate performance
  • information governance
  • asset management
  • people management
  • commissioning, Procurement and contract management
  • programme and project management

Audit work is undertaken within and across directorates and the Head of Internal Audit has direct reporting lines to the Section 151 Officer and the Audit Committee in order to satisfy accountability to key stakeholders.

The purpose, authority and responsibility of the internal audit activity is formally defined in the internal audit charter.

Internal Audit is vital to ensuring the County Council maintains its excellent reputation and protects all customers, staff and councillors. We work with the Audit Committee, to give everyone a better understanding of the work that we do, and ensure we give assurance on systems and processes within the County Council.

We provide clear guidance to staff, councillors and external stakeholders on Anti-fraud and Corruption, Whistleblowing, Anti-Money Laundering and Bribery.

The Service complies with the Public Sector Internal Audit Standards.

External services

As part of our commitment to providing a quality service, we carry out a diverse range of work including investigations, grant claims audits and validation, data and information security inspections/assessments and efficiency reviews, incorporating value-for-money and lean systems principles.

Our service is available at reasonable rates. The charge for each assignment will vary depending on its complexity and the seniority of the staff involved. We provide a detailed estimated cost before the work begins. 

Contact information

For more information about Internal Audit, please contact Peter Frost, Head of Internal Audit on 01473 264247 or