Working together to tackle poverty

Our consultation on a strategy to address poverty in Suffolk 2015-2020 closed on Wednesday 30 September 2015.

This consultation has now closed.

Poverty can affect anyone at any time, and can be triggered by illness, unemployment and family separation, among other contributory factors.

With an estimated third of the UK population experiencing low income in any four year period, it is a major issue for our society and can have a devastating impact on people’s quality of life and general health.

Local councils, the NHS, voluntary sector, police and other agencies in Suffolk are working together to tackle poverty and improve the quality of life and opportunities for people who live and work here.

These organisations, under the remit of the Suffolk Health and Wellbeing Board, have produced a draft strategy document which sets out how they plan to achieve this goal.

We need to know if you agree with our aims, and whether our strategy will do enough to tackle poverty and the causes of poverty.

That’s why we have created a short, simple survey designed for you to tell us what you think.

Your feedback will be considered by the Suffolk Health & Wellbeing Board and will influence the final version of the Strategy to Address Poverty in Suffolk when it is discussed at the Board meeting in November 2015.

Please read the following important documents before answering the survey questions:

Read the full draft strategy booklet:

Have your say

Take part in the survey (for the general public)

The deadline for responses is 5pm on Wednesday 30 September 2015.