Suffolk’s Parking Management Strategy consultation

Suffolk Highway's consultation ran from Wednesday 14 March to Monday 23 April 2018.

This consultation is now closed.

The consultation will detail the six policies being considered, enabling local authorities to manage parking more effectively across Suffolk.

A parking strategy that deals with the supply and management of car parking can be one of the most useful tools available to local authorities in helping them achieve their economic, social and environmental objectives. 

In particular, a parking strategy can:

  • Support the local economy (e.g. by making it easy for shoppers and tourists to visit Suffolk) and facilitate development growth;
  • Meet residents’ needs for car parking near their homes (e.g. by introducing controlled parking zones);
  • Provide access to key services and facilities for special needs groups and people with impaired mobility;
  • Improve journey time reliability for road users (e.g. by designing and managing on-street parking facilities to reduce traffic conflicts and delays).
  • Encourage sustainable travel modes and help reduce reliance on the private car (e.g. by setting parking charges at appropriate levels);
  • Enhance the built and natural environment (e.g. by making the most effective use of land required for parking and by improving the look of the street scene by reducing sign clutter);
  • Make Suffolk a safer place (e.g. by ensuring that car parks are ‘safer by design’ and improving road safety).

Download Suffolk’s Parking Management Strategy consultation (PDF, 240KB)

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