Grove Road/Springfield Road neighbourhood permit parking scheme

Outcome of the review into Zone L (Grove Road/Springfield Road) neighbourhood permit parking scheme.

This consultation has now closed.

The review of Zone L neighbourhood parking scheme is now complete.

Out of 450 questionnaires delivered to residents, we received 123 responses (27%).

The views expressed were significantly in favour of the scheme, as you can see on the outcome of the consultation (PDF, 15KB).

Almost 50% of those that responded suggesting extending the scheme so that it operated later in the afternoon. We analysed this request, but the benefit of extending the operating time of the scheme is likely to be minimal. This is because the demand after 3pm by non-residents is much less. It is unlikely that:

  • school pupil parking would commence after 3pm
  • much college student parking would commence after 3pm
  • shoppers parking would commence after 3pm
  • commuter parking would commence after 3pm

Also, to extend the time of operation past 3pm would mean that we would remove parking for drivers collecting school children. This is not sensible as it is likely create additional parking issues.

Therefore, we do not consider changes to the scheme appropriate and it will continue as currently operating.

There were a few specific issues raised such as the location of parking bays and operation of limited waiting areas.  These issues will be pursued as part of a more general parking review in the town, and local consultation undertaken as necessary.