Adult Community Services transport policy consultation results

Results and documents following Adult and Community Services (ACS) transport policy consultation that ran from 7 January to 17 February 2020.

Consultation results and documents


Published 24 March 2020.

Background information

The following information/documents is part of the original consultation. This consultation is closed.

This consultation is being carried out to inform the revised transport policy for Adult and Community Services. The new policy will bring Suffolk County Council into line with the current statutory requirements, especially the Care Act 2014.

The previous transport policy was released in 2010, prior to the introduction of the Care Act 2014.

The revised transport policy will not contain any deviations from statutory requirements and current SCC best practice guidance but is still a change from the previous policy.

The revised policy is consistent with SCC’s Supporting Lives Connecting Communities framework and includes guidance for the three tiers of support:

  • Tier 1: Help to help yourself
  • Tier 2: Help when you need it
  • Tier 3: Ongoing support for those who need it

The Care Act 2014 promotes a strengths-based approach in adult social care. The revised policy will support this and requires practitioners to consider a person’s own strengths and capabilities and what support might be available from their wider support network or within the community to help a person meet the outcomes they want to achieve.

The revised policy proposes a greater emphasis on using resources which are already available including public transport, a person’s own mobility vehicle (where applicable) and on skills development e.g. travel training. It is expected that SCC will only fund transport to meet eligible needs where no other options are available.

The revised policy means that while adults will still receive the services they are eligible to receive, there may be a change for some customers.

The revised policy will apply to all adults across the whole of Suffolk.

Video: about the proposed new transport policy

This consultation is closed.

The consultation ran from Tuesday 7 January to Monday 17 February 2020.

The results will then be analysed and will help form a final version of the policy which will be presented to Suffolk County Council Cabinet in the spring of 2020 for approval and it is recommended that the council adopt the new policy from May 2020.

The policy is intended to be implemented on 1 May 2020. Transport needs will be considered as usual as part of each customer’s annual review. Any changes will be introduced after an individual review has taken place and will be reflected in the customer’s revised care and support plan.

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