Community COVID-19 testing resources

Download and share community COVID-19 testing resources to help share the message where you live about getting a test.

To prevent workplace outbreaks of coronavirus by identifying residents who are not showing symptoms of COVID-19 but have the virus, we're have introduced community testing in Suffolk. New test centres are open across Suffolk for people who cannot work from home, and do not have coronavirus symptoms.

Community testing is also referred to as lateral flow testing or rapid testing. It's a major new tool to help identify and isolate individuals who have COVID-19 but do not have symptoms and may be spreading the virus to other people without knowing.

To support awareness of the testing, please download, share and print the various free resources available below.


Find a choice of social media images that you can use.

  1. Care worker image for Twitter (JPG, 73KB)
  2. Care worker image for Facebook (JPG, 88KB)
  3. Retail assistant image for Twitter (JPG, 73KB)
  4. Retail assistant image for Facebook (JPG, 88KB)
  5. Teacher image for Twitter (JPG, 73KB)
  6. Teacher image for Facebook (JPG, 88KB)
  7. Tradesperson image for Twitter (JPG, 73KB)
  8. Tradesperson image for Facebook (JPG, 88KB)

Find a choice of A4 posters that you can use.

  1. Care worker (PDF, 88KB)
  2. Commercial cleaner (PDF, 70KB)
  3. Construction worker (PDF, 110KB)
  4. Delivery person (PDF, 69KB)
  5. Factory worker (PDF, 88KB)
  6. Retail assistant (PDF, 58KB)
  7. Taxi driver (PDF, 58KB)
  8. Teacher (PDF, 58KB)
  9. Tradesperson (PDF, 58KB)

Find a choice of A4 posters and images to use on social media relating to mass testing.


Email if you would like to request materials in alternative formats.