Love Cycling Stories

Find out why people across Suffolk enjoy getting on their bikes.

Love cycling stories headerWhy I love cycling stories

“4 of us rode out this Sunday and did 10 miles. We all stayed 2 meters apart from each other. Stopped at a café along the way. Used a mask to go in and order coffee and cake and then sat outside in the sunshine to eat and drink. Had a bit of rain on the way back but it was a lovely ride and great company. It's great that the virus is not stopping us – getting me back on my bike is one of the good things to come out of this.”

Sallyanne from Ipswich

“Managed a first socially distanced bike ride with my extended family and took the youngest two children 3 and 5 for a ride. It’s great to see all the work going on to encourage and support cycling. We welcome it! My confidence is growing, especially with cycling with the younger 2.”

Trevor from Rushmere

“The Covid-19 virus had made me think about new ways to get keep fit and get out whilst socially distancing. My thoughts turned to my old bike which was last used when my children were younger. The boys have gown up and my bike was hidden at the back of the shed and not been out in years. It was in a sorry state but I gave it some TLC.

“Now was the hard bit - remembering how to use the gears and not fall off. I went out for a quick ride up to the roundabout and back. All went well, so I thought I had better get a helmet and lock. Which I did and then I asked a friend who had a bike to join me on a short ride whilst still keeping our distance. This gave me confidence to try to go out further afield. I must admit I was wobbly and slow at first but then got to really enjoy it. I have continued to ride and have encouraged other friends to start as well. It is good for my fitness and well-being and lifts my spirits. We have been on longer rides exploring further afield.

“Great to see the free cycling sessions and vouchers for bike repairs now being offered.
Go on give it a go - you can get back in the saddle too :)”

Heather from Newmarket

“As a Registered Nurse and mother of extremely vulnerable daughter, cycling has kept us fit and healthy during the Coronavirus pandemic. Cycling around the beautiful countryside of Suffolk – you can’t beat it!”

Mateja, Leavenheath

“If you can cycle to work, do! Since lockdown I have got into cycling and when I return to the office full time later this year, I will be going by bike at least 2 days a week.

“At first the 10 mile each way seemed daunting, but during lockdown I have been practising the route and now I’m back in the office 2 days a week, I’m enjoying the commute to work. It saves money in fuel costs and keeps me fit. Cycling has opened my mind to a whole realm of possibilities from the new lease of life it’s given me.

“I would like to see more cycling lanes in our towns, not less.”

Michael, Needham Market

“We had a great time on our Free Cycle Session. We now know the best route to get to my children’s school. We can also navigate the busy junctions which had previously put me off cycling in the town centre.”

Mark Cycling

Mark, Bury St Edmunds