Advice on travelling to work

Find out how you can travel to work safely and sustainably.

The more active and sustainable the travel the better.PLAIN ILLUSTRATION HOW ARE YOU GETTING TO WORK

There are many things you can do when travelling to work to control coronavirus, keep safe and support the transport network to help make sure space is available for those who really need it. 

  • Plan ahead. Check your journey before you travel. How long will it take and familiarise yourself with the route. 
  • Agile working. Where possible, see if flexible working arrangements can be introduced or continued at your work to limit journeys being made on the transport network.
  • Stagger start and finish times. Are you and your colleagues able to stagger your start and finish times? Changing the times you travel, even by 10 or 20 minutes will help keep everyone moving and keep everyone safe. 
  • Walking and cycle where you can for shorter journeys. Find out how we’ve made it safer and easier for you to walk and cycle in Suffolk, including our new journey planner, cycle maintenance vouchers and top tips on bike security. Visit
  • Use public transport for longer journeys. Perhaps you can even combine the two. Can you couple walking, cycling or scooting with public transport? Visit to plan your journey by bus or train.
  • Keeping your distance when you travel where possible, and wear a face mask on public transport.
  • Avoid the busiest routes as well as busy times like when schools finish and rush hours.

Resources for employers

Here are some helpful resources employers can use to provide advice to their employees on how they should travel to work safely and sustainably if they are not working from home.

Love to Ride – cycling scheme

Love to Ride logo

We’re backing Love to Ride’s Cycle to help make cycling the new normal.

Getting on our bikes is a great way to solve problems, such as air pollution, congestion, obesity, heart disease and most importantly, it is also a crucial part of the recovery plans from the coronavirus crisis both in Suffolk and nationally.

To find out more about the scheme and to register your interest as an individual or an organisation visit