Advice on travel

To help control the coronavirus there are many ways your can travel and the more active and sustainable the travel the better.

Let’s not just make a change for now, let’s make a change for the future

Let’s embed sustainable travel as part of a long-term habit and reap the associated health, air quality and congestion benefits.

Can you spot the difference?

Comparison of street scene with heavy road traffic to one with light traffic

You should not travel at all if you:

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Advice on travelling to work

Find out how you can travel to work safely and sustainably.

Advice on travelling to school

Advice on the many ways your children can travel to school, sixth form or college.

Travelling on public transport

Top tips and advice on using public transport, including our journey planner.

Love to Ride

The Love to Ride scheme is encouraging individuals across Suffolk to cycle.

Love Cycling Stories

Find out how people across Suffolk have enjoyed getting on their bikes during the coronavirus outbreak.

Travel plans & Modeshift STARS accreditations

Find information on sustainable travel, school, work place travel plans and requirements for new developments. Also details on Modeshift STARS accreditations.

Active travel improvements for cycling and walking

How we’re making it safer and easier for you to walk and cycle in Suffolk.