COVID-19 resource pack for businesses

Materials to support businesses and settings to effectively manage COVID-19 cases and outbreaks in their workplace

In partnership with Public Health England, we have developed a resource pack to support businesses to effectively manage COVID-19 cases and outbreaks in the workplace.

The resource pack contains a simplified version of the different COVID-19 definitions, checklist for what to do during outbreak, step by step risk assessment and mitigations, sample letters and messages that can be used in communications to staff and more.   

Basic documents 

A01 COVID-19: Workplaces – Outbreak Preparedness Checklist (A) (DOC, 71KB)

A02 Management of a Single Case of suspected or confirmed COVID-19 in a worker (DOC, 59KB)

A04 Key outbreak management definitions (PDF, 604KB)

A05 Guidance Documents for Employers (DOC, 39KB)

A06 COVID-19 outbreaks: information for staff and managers (PDF, 635KB)

Information sheets 

A07A Information Sheet A: What is an Outbreak? (PDF, 603KB)

A07B Information Sheet B: About Contact Tracing (PDF, 598KB)

A07C Information Sheet C: Why do I need to stay at home and self-isolate? (PDF, 588KB)

A07D Information Sheet D: The role of testing for COVID-19 (PDF, 589KB)

A07E Information Sheet E: Temperature checks and thermal scanning (PDF, 605KB)

A07F Information Sheet F: Antibody testing (PDF, 603KB)

A07G Information Sheet G: Hand hygiene (PDF, 602KB)

A07H Information Sheet H: Respiratory hygiene (PDF, 600KB)

A07I Information Sheet I: Symptoms (PDF, 603KB)

A07J Information Sheet J: Screens and Face Coverings (PDF, 593KB)

A07K Information Sheet K: Cohorting (PDF, 595KB)

Templates and checklists

B01 COVID-19: Workplaces – Outbreak Checklist (B) (DOC, 51KB)

B02A Letter template to staff (cases) (DOC, 47KB)

B02B Template letter to All Staff - Single case (DOC, 39KB)

B02C Letter template to staff (close contacts) (DOC, 47KB)

B02D Letter template to staff (not close contacts) (DOC, 39KB)

B03 Line list to be completed by the employer (XLS, 38KB)

B04 Template Outbreak Notice (DOC, 33KB)

C01 Template Pre-Outbreak Letter for Employer (DOC, 38KB)

C02 Template Outbreak Letter for Employer (DOC, 39KB)

C03 Workplace Setting Outbreak Resource Pack - Employer (DOC, 135KB)

C04 Resource pack contents – Employer (DOC, 38KB)

C05 Workplace Setting Outbreak Resource Pack – Local Authority (DOC, 134KB)

C06 Resource pack contents – Local Authorities (DOC, 38KB)