Rogue Trader Film

Watch a short film shown at the Join the Fight 2016 conference.

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The Doran Case

Three Suffolk neighbours speak about how they were conned by rogue traders.

What happened next

Since this film was recorded, Thomas Doran and his wife were prosecuted by Her Majesty's Revenues & Customs and convicted at the Old Bailey for evading £94,000 in tax, by getting their victims to pay in cash, and driving people to the bank if they didn’t have the cash available at home. This was all to fund their lavish lifestyle, which included the purchase of a £150,000 brand new Bentley motor vehicle.

The 10 victims of this case, including Terry, Norman and Nancy featured in the film were paid back over £59,000 from money they lost to these rogue traders. These victims were brave enough to give witness statements and support the case. Without their evidence, Trading Standards would not have been able to bring the case to court.