Consumer advice and rights

How to avoid scams and rogues cold calling, information on product recalls and where check what your consumer rights are when you buy goods and services.

We work in partnership with the Citizens Advice Consumer Service who provide advice to consumers on our behalf. 

You can find information on consumer affairs and can contact them to report scams, unfair or illegal trading. They will pass your report on to us to investigate. 

Visit the Citizens Advice website or contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service helpline on 03454 04 05 06 if you need help with a problem or if you need advice before you buy - a trained adviser can assist you over the phone.

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No cold calling zones

Identified by residents who don't want visits from unsolicited or 'cold' callers. How to stop unsolicited or 'cold' callers happening where you live.

Product recall and safety notices

Checking at home for products that have been recalled, sharing product recalls on social media and what Trading Standards does to protect consumers.

Advice about loan sharks and illegal money lending

How to report a loan shark and information about credit unions for residents of Suffolk.

Scams: how to avoid and report

How to report and spot a scam and how to protect your identity from fraud. Receive the latest details of scams published by Suffolk Trading Standards.

Rogue traders and bogus callers

Information on how to buy wisely and safely on your doorstep.

Is your life jacket a life saver?

How to check if your life jacket or buoyancy aid meets safety regulations.

Illicit tobacco

Find out about illicit tobacco, the impact on Suffolk and how to report someone selling it.