Volunteering in your community

Find information about Suffolk County Council's volunteer strategy, volunteer portal and volunteer policy.

Volunteering is a vital element of building strong communities and creates many benefits for individuals, organisations and communities.

Suffolk Country council supports volunteering through funding Community Action Suffolk to deliver a volunteering service, creating volunteer opportunities within the organisation and encouraging and supporting staff to volunteer.

Volunteer strategy

Suffolk County Council has signed up to the Suffolk Volunteer Strategy and is committed to delivering the following objectives:

  1. To raise the profile of volunteering in Suffolk
  2. To enable people to volunteer and be more engaged in their community
  3. To engage employers and business leaders in providing and promoting volunteering opportunities.
  4. To deliver enhanced services and opportunities across Suffolk which build social capital and local capacity

Volunteer portal

A new volunteer portal has been created to promote volunteering opportunities available within Suffolk. This valuable resource allows you to register and promote volunteer opportunities as well as find opportunities to volunteer. It also has a wealth of information on volunteering, ideas and inspirational stories

Volunteer policy

Suffolk County Council's Volunteer Policy (PDF, 2MB) explains how we're committed to volunteering by laying out how it will support residents who volunteer with the council and encourage and support its staff to volunteer.