Poverty reduction

Find out about Suffolk County Council's poverty strategy and the actions it is taking to help reduce the impacts of poverty in Suffolk.

If you are in poverty and in need of immediate help, then please access the following support: 
Find a local foodbank 
Find help and advice if you are suffering financial hardship
Call the Suffolk Advice and Support Service helpline on 0800 068 3131

What is poverty?

Poverty is when your resources are well below your minimum needs.

Poverty is about more than just money, but a lack of money is the defining feature of being poor. People are in poverty when they lack the resources to obtain the diet, have the living conditions, and participate in the activities that are usual in society. Their resources are so far below those of the average family that they are excluded from ordinary living.

Using 2018/19 figures for the average UK income, a household is considered to be in relative poverty if they have income of £17,760 per year (or £308 per week) or less.

Poverty Strategy

Suffolk County Council has statutory responsibility for producing a Child Poverty Needs Assessment and a Child Poverty Strategy. In Suffolk we take an all-age poverty reduction strategy approach to poverty to identify those connecting factors and opportunities for change across all ages.

We are currently developing a new Poverty Strategy to cover the next five years. As part of this, an action plan will be developed with specific actions that will aim to:

  • Reduce the impacts caused by poverty
  • Help people out of poverty and stay out of poverty
  • Prevent people falling into poverty

Co-Production of the Poverty Strategy

An important aspect of the development of the poverty strategy and action plan is that it is co-produced with people with lived experience of poverty, and the organisations that help those people. Our poverty strategy and action plan will be developed, delivered, monitored, and evaluated in partnership with people who have experience of living in poverty.

If you would be interested in getting involved, please email povertystrategy@suffolk.gov.uk.