Safer Stronger Communities Board

Find out what the Safer Stronger Communities Board's priorities are, its key responsibilities, and which organisations are involved.

The Safer Stronger Communities Board (SSCB) terms of reference were refreshed in 2020. The board now oversees a wide range of community safety priorities for Suffolk, which are delivered through a multi-agency governance structure (PDF, 172 KB).

Current priorities

The Board's aim is to provide strategic direction and leadership on wider issues and determinants arising from the following agreed priorities:

  • Violence Against Women and Girls, Men and Boys
  • Criminal Exploitation
  • Modern Slavery
  • Hate Crime
  • Preventing Radicalisation
  • Anti-social Behaviour

Key responsibilities

  • Receive exception reports on successes, opportunities, and progress
  • Unblock system barriers
  • Harness / unlock system capacity and resources
  • Provide leadership and direction to tackle the wide determinant issues or causal issues such as health, education, and housing

Who is on the board?

The Safer Stronger Communities Board meets quarterly, and it's membership is made up of senior elected members and officer roles, from a range of organisations including County, District and Borough councils, Suffolk Police, Police and Crime Commissioner, Community Safety Partnerships and Clinical Commissioning Groups.

It is supported by a programme office that oversees the delivery of issues that present the greatest threat, risk, and harm to Suffolk residents, and reports regularly to Suffolk Public Sector Leaders and Community Safety Partnerships.

What are Community Safety Partnerships?

Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) are made up of representatives from the 'responsible authorities' (the police, local authorities, fire and rescue authorities, the probation service, and health), who work together to protect their local communities from crime, and help people feel safer.

More information about the Community Safety Partnerships can be found on each of the district and borough council websites:


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