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Please find on this page Podcasts created or recommended by the Psychology and Therapeutic Services team to support school staff and families.

The Wellbeing in Education Podcast

In this series of podcasts, Alice Clarke (Educational Psychologist, click to view One Page Profile talks to people from around Suffolk who are working to improve and support wellbeing in education. This includes the wellbeing of children and young people, their families, and people working in schools and educational settings. Each episode is available as a video on YouTube, or as a traditional audio podcast on Spotify.

Be a guest on the podcast

We would love to hear from a wide range of people on anything to do with wellbeing in education, whether you are working with pupils, families or setting staff. If you would like to talk about a wellbeing initiative or project on the podcast, please contact Alice using alice.clarke@suffolk.gov.uk

Podcast episodes

Episode 1 – Abi Joachim talks about the Teaching Assistant Network

In this episode, we hear from Abi, a highly experienced Teaching Assistant who has led the creating of a Teaching Assistant network, open to all TAs working in Suffolk. She describes the process of setting it up, and how it has contributed to wellbeing, not just for pupils, but for families and school staff as well.

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Download the 'Teaching Assistant Network' infographic (PDF, 1MB)

The Suffolk TA Network supports and promotes the work of teaching assistants across the county through a range of training and networking opportunities. Visit the TA Network website

Episode 2 – Emotionally Based School Avoidance (EBSA)

In this episode, we hear from Susan, Kelly and Kay from Suffolk Psychology and Therapeutic Services, discussing their work on emotionally based school avoidance (EBSA) and the resources they have produced to support pupils, families and schools. The resources can be found on our EBSA Page

Alice speaks to three colleagues from the Psychology and Therapeutic Services who have created a bank of resources to support children and young people with emotionally based school avoidance. 

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Episode 3 - Being a Trauma Informed School

In this episode, Alice Clarke (Educational Psychologist) talks to Lou Pattinson (Inclusion Lead at Castle Hill Infant and Junior Schools) about the journey the school has been on to become a truly trauma-informed place.

Lou gives some incredible examples of the power of embedding trauma-informed practice throughout everything the school does. But what does it mean to be trauma-informed? And how does it support the wellbeing of the whole school community, including staff and families?

In a trauma-informed school, the adults in the school community (all school staff and parents/carers) are prepared to recognise and respond to those who have been impacted by traumatic stress.

Pupils are provided with clear expectations and communication strategies to guide them through stressful situations. The goal is to not only provide tools to cope with extreme situations but to create an underlying culture of respect and support.

The focus is on ensuring safety, establishing trustworthiness, maximising choice and collaboration, and prioritising empowerment. Emerging research suggests that shifting school culture to become more trauma-informed sets the stage for maximum academic growth.

If you are interested in working with the Psychology and Therapeutic Services to embed trauma-informed practice in your setting, contact psychology&therapeuticservices@suffolk.gov.uk  

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Download the Trauma Informed School Infographic (PDF, 3.17MB) to go with this podcast. 

Episode 4 - The Sandwell Whole School Approach to Well-being

In this episode, Alice Clarke (Educational Psychologist) talks to Kay Breton (Educational Psychologist) and Katie Butler (Head Teacher at Bawdsey CEVC Primary School) about their work together to implement the Sandwell Whole School Approach to Well-being in schools/educational settings. 

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Episode 5 - Embedding character strengths at West Suffolk College, with Sycol

In this episode, we hear from Lucy Faller-Mead (West Suffolk College), Dr Ioan Rees (Sycol) and Dr Claire Darwin (Suffolk County Council Principal Educational Psychologist working with Sycol as part of the Suffolk County Council's Psychology and Therapeutic Services (P&TS) traded offer). They reflect on a project to introduce and embed the concept of character strengths as a whole-setting approach.

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Download 'Embedding Character Strengths' (PDF, 1MB) infographic for episode 5 podcast.

For more information about wellbeing support at a range of different levels in your setting, please go to the Psychology and Therapeutic Services page 

West Suffolk College (WSC) Character Strengths = Resilience Ownership Optimism Ambition Respect Self-control Confidence Curiosity

The following YouTube Ted Talk is useful when looking at 'Building a Psychologically Safe Workplace

If you would like to find out more about this kind of work, go to our Whole School and College Approach to Wellbeing page or email the Psychology & Therapeutic Service Team 

Episode 6 – Supervision in educational settings

In this episode, we hear from two educational psychologists about how psychological supervision can support the wellbeing and reflective practice of school staff. We also hear from a headteacher about how supervision has helped her and her team. 


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Other podcasts recommended by the Wellbeing in Education team

PodcastTalking to your children about the Ukraine War

As parents and families we are likely to have been shocked about the devastating situation in Ukraine. Our children will be having conversations with us and others and trying to make sense of what is happening.

So how do we talk to our children, who may be different ages and temperaments about this war; in a manner which helps them make sense of what is happening whilst not disproportionately increasing anxieties?

In this podcast episode Dr Beth Mosley (Consultant Clinical Psychologist) both mother and mental health professional, talks with Dr Kelsey Odgers (Clinical Psychologist) and Kelly (mother of two) about these dilemmas and some of the mistakes they might have made as parents during this time.
In their discussion they cover: Right place, right time, right pace to talk.

What does this actually look like? How we manage the exposure and time spent on news stories? And, how do we turn feelings into helpful actions.

This recording was made for our Mental Health and You podcast series. Listen to 'Talking to children about Ukraine War' Podcast.

Listen to the free Mental Health and You podcast series Or search for ‘Mental Health and You’ on Apple Podcasts.

Talking racism and mental health in schools. Podcast from Anna Freud aimed at school staff.

Coping with uncertainty about an honest conversation about the challenges of uncertainty.

Supporting children with emotional based school phobia/avoidance with Tina Rae - In this podcast (originally broadcast in April 2021), Dale Pickles talks with Tina Rae about Emotionally Based School Avoidance in reference to her new book on the same topic. This would be of interest to professionals, parents and carers.