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Wellbeing in Education

A wide range of resources, workshops and training materials to support mental health and wellbeing.
Staff wellbeing
Information, advice and guidance to support the emotional health and wellbeing of staff in schools and colleges.
Children and young people's wellbeing
Resources and training for educational settings to support the wellbeing of the Children and Young People they work with.
Family wellbeing - information to support your child or young person's wellbeing
Parent and carer workshops and resources to help you support your young person's wellbeing.
Whole school and college approach to wellbeing
Guidance for schools on adopting a whole school approach to supporting mental health and wellbeing
Latest wellbeing news and events
The Wellbeing in Education service provides links to useful webinars and regularly updated news.
EBSA Emotionally Based School Avoidance
Advice to help children and young people who feel anxious about going to school
Wellbeing in education podcasts
Podcasts created or recommended by the Wellbeing in Education Team
Suffolk education mental health lead network
This network is for education setting staff
Children and young people's mental health
Advice and support for anyone concerned about the emotional wellbeing and mental health of a child or young person.
Jot the friendly robot emotional wellbeing tips for children
Meet 'Jot' the friendly robot who helps children in Suffolk with how they are feeling.