Strategy and Communication

The Raising the Bar 2015-2107 priorities are supported by developing a clear strategy and communications for the programme.

Strategy and communications


  1. Develop a clear strategy and plan for Raising the Bar 2015-17
  2. Improve the effectiveness of communications and consultation with education providers #O3
  3. Review and strengthen the Raising the Bar communications strategy with internal and wider stakeholders
  4. Build the national profile of Suffolk education
  5. Promote local and national awards to celebrate the excellence of education in Suffolk

#O1-6 Indicate the reference number of areas of improvement identified in Suffolk County Council’s Action Plan in response to the Ofsted Inspection January 2015.

Changes we will see

  • New Raising the Bar 2015-2017 strategy and plan
  • Improved communications and consultations
  • Increased recognition of excellence at a local and national level

The priority lead is Hanna Dale. Contact Hanna Dale about clear strategy and communication by emailing

Other Raising the Bar priorities for 2015-2017: