School to School Support

Details of school to school support in Suffolk including sharing good practice and innovative teaching and learning.

School to school support

How you can get involved in school to school support

School to School Support Partnership

Visit the School to School Support Partnership website to read best practice case studies, submit your own case studies, and how school to school support can help your school in Suffolk.


More information about strong school to school support 


  1. Establish the School to School Support Partnership, to give education leaders access to high quality school to school support #O5
  2. Develop with school leaders a cohesive strategy to support leadership, teaching and learning #O4
  3. Foster innovation in teaching and learning, by investing in and sharing good practice
  4. Promote excellence in teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects to support our economic growth sectors

#O1-6 Indicate the reference number of areas of improvement identified in Suffolk County Council’s Action Plan in response to the Ofsted Inspection January 2015.

Changes we will see

  • Launch of the School to School Support Partnership
  • Launch of good practice website
  • More teaching schools
  • New partnership with Education Endowment Foundation

The priority lead is Carol Hitchman. Contact Carol Hitchman about strong school to school support by emailing

Other Raising the Bar priorities for 2015-2017: