Children’s Trust Board

Find out about the Children's Trust Board, our Family 2020 Strategy, how our goals are met, and how we respond to the views of service users

Children's Trust

Suffolk Children's Trust brings together all organisations that provide services or support to children and young people in Suffolk. We aim to improve our services and outcomes for children and young people by working collaboratively.

Our vision for children and young people is set out in the Family 2020 Strategy (PDF, 3MB). We want all children and families in Suffolk the right to:

  • be safe
  • have the best education
  • have good physical and emotional health
  • have successful preparation for adulthood and employment

Suffolk's five year plan for transforming emotional wellbeing and mental health services is outlined in the Children and Young People's Emotional Wellbeing plan (PDF, 1.37MB).

Children’s Trust Board

A Children's Trust Board has been established on behalf of the Children’s Trust to plan services that will fulfil the requirements of Suffolk's Health & Wellbeing Strategy by giving every child in Suffolk the best start in life.

The Board is responsible for setting long term strategic direction and joint commissioning of integrated services which lead to better outcomes for families. It reports to the Health & Wellbeing Board.

Commissioning intentions

Our 2016-17 commissioning intentions document (PDF, 297KB) on behalf of Suffolk Children’s Trust.

Suffolk Commissioning

The Suffolk Commissioning document (PDF, 3.9MB) sets out the principles for good commissioning in Suffolk. Commissioning is our toolbox to help redesign the whole system of providers and partners, to think differently and innovate, and to lead the future service design.

Hearing the views and experiences of those who use our services

Our commitment to improving services and support for children, young people and families means that we need to listen to, and understand the views and experiences of those who access our services. Our aim is to do more of what works and stop doing what doesn't work. Currently the main way we collect what we call 'service user feedback' is via a questionnaire which can be completed online or on paper, whichever is easiest.

The data from the questionnaires is collated on a regular basis, and reported back to team managers so that they can see what is being said, and confirm what action they are taking in response to the feedback. A performance report for senior managers is produced every quarter.

Over 80% of service users say that things have got better as a result of our support

Further information about the Children's Trust

For more information please feel free to read our terms of reference (Word, 188KB).

Agendas of meetings in 2017

  • Agenda 19 January
  • February - Meeting Cancelled
  • March - Meeting Cancelled
  • April - Meeting Cancelled
  • Agenda - 18 May

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