Guidance for social workers

Information for social workers and other social care professionals, including training dates.

The vital role of social workers

Social workers have a key role to play in supporting the education of children in care but it is important to know you are not alone. Each local authority has a Virtual School Head who is there to monitor, support and advise all those working to ensure the best education outcomes for children in care.  In Suffolk the Personal Education Plan (PEP) is divided into two parts. The child's social worker is responsible for co-ordinating and facilitating the PEP meeting and the child's designated teacher is responsible for completing the online PEP document every term that the child is in care. View the guidance for social workers on person-centred PEP meetings here (PDF, 611KB).

The PEP meeting should take the form most appropriate to the needs of the young person.  It can follow any person-centred approach including the ‘Three Houses Approach’ outlined in Suffolk’s Signs of Safety (SoS) and Well-being service model or the PATH (Possible Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) model used by Suffolk’s Education Psychology and Therapy Service.  The Suffolk Post 16 PEP document which was co-produced with young people is available below.  Although it is no longer a requirement for this document to be completed, it was designed to comply with the SoS model and could be useful as a guide to what should be discussed in the PEP meeting. 

The following Signs of Safety documents are available to download which may be useful for PEP meetings:

PEP document templates for post-16 learners

PEP document templates for Early Years children

The templates schools should use for the Personal Education Planning of early years children in the care of Suffolk County Council:


Please see our autumn term newsletter to social workers here.

Suffolk Libraries

Did you know that all children in care aged 0-18 are eligible for a free Suffolk Libraries card with no overdue charges for late items?  For more information please visit the Suffolk Libraries website.

Social Worker Training Events - Autumn Term

Thank you to all our colleagues who have attended our recent training events and network meetings.

This term’s training opportunity focused on working with the Virtual School, Admissions, Inclusion and Family Services, Attendance, Designated Teachers and other relevant local authority (LA) partners.

Booking is available using CPD online. Select either the Schools Choice or Multi-Agency link before you log in to the system and use the event code to find the course you wish to attend. Booking is available using CPD online and we urge you to book through that. However, we would rather see you at a meeting, so if booking is an issue please contact the Virtual School Office letting us know which meeting you plan to attend. 

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