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How you can help improve health and care services

If you've used health and social care services in Suffolk, your experience can shape and improve them.

We know that people who use services first-hand are best placed to help us improve them. 

This is called co-production, and it means working together to shape better services.

You can read the definition of co-production (PDF, 282KB) and find out more in our co-production workshop presentation (PDF, 230KB).

Who we work with

In Adult and Community Services we value co-production. Together with other organisations we’ve formed the Suffolk Co-production Network.

These are some of the organisations we're working with to improve services for people in Suffolk:

We also work with Healthwatch Suffolk, the local independent consumer champion. It gives people influence over decisions about health and care services in the county. You can also read more about Healthwatch Suffolk on

You can join any of these groups or organisations to co-produce care services with us.