Apply for site works

How to apply for site works for customers who receive a managed service from Suffolk County Council. About the responsibilities of contractors and lead times.

Who is this page for?

This information is only to be used by:

  • our design and engineering staff
  • design and engineering consultants working on our projects
  • main and/or subcontractors working on our projects

This information is intended to guide and assist you in all aspects of energy and water provision for:

  • new builds
  • extensions
  • refurbishment
  • supply reinforcement
  • temporary/permanent removal of gas and electric supplies

They will tell you:

  • what you need to do
  • timescales
  • roles and responsibilities

Utility services covered by this information include:

  • electricity
  • electricity meter operator services (applies to Half Hourly (HH) sites only)
  • gas
  • oil
  • LPG
  • woodfuel (Biomass)
  • water

This page does not cover telecoms, IT or networks.

New buildings/major refurbishment

Important: Until handover, all energy and water used during construction is the responsibility of the main contractor, and we are not responsible for any utility costs incurred.

During this construction period, you are free to use an energy supplier of your choice. Contractors can, if they wish, use the same suppliers as us, but they are not permitted to access our energy supply contracts.

Contractors are not authorised to enter into any contract agreement in the name of Suffolk County Council or enter into any contract for supply beyond the expected handover date.


Irrespective of who the energy supplier is, the main contractor is responsible for the timely notification to energy and water suppliers of the site handover date, and for paying for all energy and water consumed during construction.

Please give suppliers at least 10 working days notice of the handover, and ensure meter readings and photos of meter readings are taken on the handover date.

Note: It's quite common for energy suppliers to take several months to start billing new supplies. Contractors must ensure that energy suppliers set up the relevant accounts and generate bills.

Failure to do this will delay the transfer of supplies to us and will usually incur additional costs to the contractor for energy at "out of contract" rates – rates which are usually 3 times higher.

Electricity – declaration of maximum load

The calculations for network engineering capacity and supply contract capacity are different.

It's vital that any requests for new energy supply contracts take into account this difference. The majority of electricity supply applications received by us declare peak loadings 2 or more times higher than is actually required. Over declaration will incur substantial and unavoidable additional costs to the end-user.

We're available to assist contractors with load declaration if necessary – please supply us with a schedule of loads and diversity calculations, and we will advise what peak loading is likely to be required for the energy supply contract. Excessive declarations may result in applications being refused, resulting in delays in getting meters installed and supplies energised.

Supply types

For all utilities except electricity, there's only one supply type. Electricity, however, has two:

  • Half Hourly (HH): These apply to sites where we declare peak maximum loads at 100kVa or more. They require a separate meter operator contract and have different billing arrangements to the NHH supplies below.
  • Non Half Hourly (NHH): These apply to sites where we declare peak maximum loads are less than 100kVa. NHH contracts have built-in meter operator costs and are generally simpler in their administration.

Roles and responsibilities

We (Suffolk County Council) are responsible for:

  • all aspects of energy supply contracts for SCC buildings
  • all aspects of energy and water billing for our sites
  • assisting you with setting peak loading for new electricity supplies and metering
  • sending your requests for metering and supply for HH and NHH electric supplies to the relevant supplier/s

Contractors/ design engineering staff are responsible for:

  • timely completion of application forms for site works and new meters/ supply (please refer to individual documents below for lead times)
  • timely provision of all required information (please refer to individual sheets for lead times) to enable a supply application to be made (HH electric only)
  • receiving and accepting quotes and dealing with any queries arising
  • arranging payment of site works and all related costs
  • agreeing a date/s for works to be carried out and all aspects of on-site management of site work

Lead times - important

Industry lead times are non-negotiable and outside of our control.

Application for supply and or metering outside of our recommended lead times may result in late connections, and we are not able to influence these timescales.

Please do not underestimate lead times. By far the biggest cause of problems is late application for supplies and especially metering.

Contact us

Call us on 01473 264488, available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

The contents of this page are intended for general information only and should not be relied on as forming a binding commitment on the council.