Skip licence application form

Apply online for permission to place a builder's skip on a highway.

Before you apply

  • Answer the questions accurately to ensure that the permission is issued to you with the least possible delay.
  • A fee of £70.00 (VAT exempt) is required for each licence, and must accompany this application. Please refer to how to pay for payment options.
  • The licence is only valid for a maximum time limit of 28 days.
  • If an extension of the licence is required, then our agreement must be obtained and an additional charge will apply.
  • Failing to apply for a licence or an extension of a licence will result in penalty charges.
  • This completed application must be received by us 3 working days before proposed start date. Failure to give 3 working days’ notice may result in application being rejected.
  • If we have started work on processing the application, the fees will not be returned even if we do not approve the application.
  • Work must be programmed so the skip is on the public highway for as short a time as possible to minimise inconvenience to highway users.
  • Any additional inspections required because of non-compliance with the conditions will be charged to you at £50.00 per inspection.

Once an application has been submitted, a Licence Application Reference number will be provided by Network Assurance via email, for you to quote when making payment. Without this payment this Licence Application will not be processed.

If you have any queries, please telephone 0345 606 6171 or email

Before you submit this form, please ensure you have filled out all the required fields (those marked with a red border).

Apply for a skip licence

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How to pay

A Licence reference number will be provided to you by the Licencing Team on receipt of your application, which you will need to quote when making payment.


  1. Go to Pay for a licence
  2. Click the green “Pay licence” button
  3. Enter the provided Licence / Licence Reference Number, i.e. NRSWA-LICENCE-00011111 (Please ensure that “000” is entered before the given Licence / Licence Reference number to make the number 8 digits long)
  4. Enter your Organisation Name
  5. Enter your contact Telephone Number
  6. Select Application Cost from the drop-down box
  7. Click “Proceed to Pay” (for single payments). For multiple licences, click “Add Another”, followed by the “Proceed to Pay” button

By telephone

  • Contact: Customer Service Team
  • Telephone: 0800 090 2911
  • At: 54 Ipswich Street, Stowmarket, Suffolk, IP14 1AD

Between 8.30am and 5.30pm, from Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). Payment may only be made by using a debit or credit card that is accepted by the Street Authority in accordance with its standard procedures.

You must state the Licence / Licence Reference Number for each licence in respect of which payment is being made and the amount paid in relation to each number. A receipt will be provided on request.


Pay electronically by the Bankers Automated Clearing Services (BACS). Payment should be made:

  • To: Suffolk County Council
  • Sort Code: 30-00-00
  • Account Number: 00293148

If you are a Lloyds customer, you may have difficulty using the above Sort Code and Account number. Therefore, please use the following:

  • To: Suffolk County Council
  • Sort Code: 30-00-02
  • Account Number: 01305978

Payment must be accompanied by the Licence/Licence Reference Number covered by the payment and the amount being paid in relation to each number and be sent via email to

By post

Please make your cheque payable to Suffolk County Council and send it to:

Network Assurance Licencing Team,
Phoenix House,
3 Goddard Road,

Please note that paying by cheque will delay the process by 7 days, until authorisation of cheque clearance has been received.

Important: Payment must be accompanied by the Licence Application or the Licence / Licence Reference Number covered by the payment and the amount being paid in relation to each number. A receipt will be provided on request.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please email or contact 01473 341 566.